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Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV / Adventure Island 4

Adventure Island 4 FAQ ver 1.9
by Hyzmarca

 When I first played Adventure Island 4 a few years ago I was a bit confused
about the purpose some of the items and when I became stuck at the begining 
of the ice area I looked for a FAQ and found none, so I quit playing. I 
played it again recently only because of extreme boredom and finialy I used 
the spear to grab the moving log by sheer luck. Now that I know what to do, 
it seems easy.
 After finishing the game I belive that I am qualified to write a much-needed
FAQ. This will be a simple FAQ explaining the functions of every item and
boss stratagies. The game is very straight-foward and the items are all in 
plain sight so I do not belive a walkthrough is neccessary. If you
can't find something just look around. Or, if your looking for the enterance 
tothe next area, use the compass.
 Since I don't have the instructions, and can't read Japanese if I did, all 
the names of places and items will be made-up by me. If you know the correct
names, please contact me.

i. Version History
Ver 1.0 first release (5/6/2002)

Ver 1.5 added boss stratagies and passwords, fixed mini-game section, added
demiforce URL in the thanks section (5/9/2002)

Ver 1.6 Corrected Eggplant stratagy, added question to Q&A, fixed some typos 

Ver 1.7 Corrected major error and minor typos (12/09/2002)

Ver 1.8 Corrected major mistake in the control section, reformated to make 
reading easier for people with low resolution moniters, 
added 2 questions to Q&A.

Ver 1.9 Corrected Magma Ball strategy, minor reformating, changed distribution rules
ii. Contents
i. Version History
ii. Contents

1. Higgins' House
2. Control
3. Status Bar
4. Items
 a. Weapon & Item
 b. Special Items
 c. Powers
 d. Field Items
 e. Dinosaurs
5. Mini-Games
6. Boss Stratagies
7. Passwords
8. Q&A
9. Thanks
10. Contact
11. Legal
 1. Higgins' House

 The game begins at Master Higgins' cabin. Here you can rest and obtain a
password. If you stop playing and resume using the password you will begin 
with all the items and heart contariners you had but only two hearts. Simply 
rest again to refill them. The Teleport Egg will also be in the last place 
you left it.
 When Master Higgins dies, he is returned to his cabin with only the items he
had the last time that he rested there, no consumable items, and the Teleport
Egg will be reset. If you keep a Farrie and a Ticket Home in stock this
shouldn't be a problem but rest often just in case. (Although, if your using
an emulator save states make this a mute point)

 2. Control

 Jump = A

 Use Weapon = B

(Pause) Open Item Select Screen = START
 Item Select (resume) = A
 Resume gameplay = START

(Pause) Open Main Map = SELECT
 Resume gameplay = SELECT

 Swim Up = Hold A while in water

 Fly Up = Hold A while riding Dino Club

 Enter Door = UP [in front of a door]

 Rest in Bed = UP [in front of Higgins' bed (left)]

 Put Teleport Egg on Pedistal = UP [in front of Egg Pedistal]

 Stab upward [with spear] = UP + B

 Lay Down = DOWN


 3. Status Bar

From left to right

 Fruit Guage - When you get a fruit one of the eight dot will turn red. When
you get eight they will reset and a heart will be refilled. When you begin a
mini-game the number of red dots on your guage will determine your handicap.
It's almost imposible to win a mini-game with less than six dots.

 Health Guage - Master Higgins starts with two heart containers. He can gain 
up to eight in the course of the game. He will loose a heart when hit by an 
enemy. When all his heart containers are empty Master Higgins will die.
 One extra heart container can be found in each of the six areas of the 

 Heart Storage - If Master Higgins picks up a Half Heart it will be 
displayed here until united with another half.

 Current Weapon - The weapon Master Higgins is currently using is displayed

 4. Items

 Since the function of the items is the only thing that gave me trouble, I'll
provide a complete list of items and thier functions. 
 The names I will use are not the official names. Again, if you know what the 
official names are, please contact me.

a. Weapon & Item

 These are the items Higgins uses in battle. They either harm enemies, help 
you traverse the island, or both.

 Bone - The default weapon. Higgins starts with this. The best all around
weapon until the boomerang.

 Yellow Hammer - This simple hammer can smash rocks and enemies that are in
your way. It's too slow to make an effective weapon but its needed to reach
certain areas and required to play the Wack-a-Mole game.

 Torch - A flaming stick. Use it to light lanterns or kill enemies.

 Water Gun - A simple water squirter. If will extinguish fires. If used on 
the sagging plants that will stand upright allowing Higgins to bounce off 
them. It's too weak to be used effectivly as a weapon. However, it is the 
only weapon that can kill the flames in the pyramid.

 Snowboard - The snowboard used to glide quickly over snow and ice. If you 
jump on enemies while using the snowboard they will take damage. It's the 
only way to build up enough speed to make certain jumps.

 Spear - The spear is a simple weapon with a long wooden shaft and a stone
point. Its best use is to grab a floating log from below. It's not an 
effective weapon.

 Umbrella - Use this to slowly float down when you jump. It will increase
air-time and distance and is required to make certain jumps. If Higgins 
floats down onto water he will use the umbrella to float on top of the water.

 Blue Hammer - This is a more powerful version of the Yellow Hammer. It can
smash crystal and is required to progress past a certain point. Like its 
yellow counterpart, it's slow.

 Surfboard - The surfboard allows Higgins to glide across the surface of the

 Boomerang - The Boomerang will return to Master Higgins when thrown. It is 
an effective weapon and can be used to activate wall switches. It is found in 
the pyramid and required to complete that area.
 If you pause (start or select) when the boomerang is in flight it will be in
Higgins' hand when you resume play. This is a usefull trick to reduce the 
time between throws.

 Skateboard - The classic Adventure Island skateboard is back. This is the 
last board you aquire. It will work on dry land the same way the other work 
on snow and water.

 Stone Axe - The final weapon is another classic. The stone axe is the
most powerfull weapon in the game. The Axe has the same trajectory as the 
bone and is easy to use.

b. Special Items

 These items will heal Master Higgins or assist him to navigate the island.
 Higgins can only carry one each of these items at any time.

 Spare Heart - The heart will refill one of Higgins hearts containers.
 Win in the Crab Race

 Potion - The potion will completly refill Higgins heart containers.
 Win in the Crab Race.

 Ticket Home - This looks like a ticket stub with a house on it. It will 
return Master Higgins to his house from anywhere. It even works during boss 
 Win in the Crab Race.

 Teleport Egg - An egg this a picture of a bird on it. Press UP at an egg
pedistal to leave it. Then use the egg in the menu to return to that pedistal.
It can only be left at one pedistal at a time and will automatically be moved
if you press up at another one.
 Find in the room to the right of Higgins' house.

 Compass - Use the compass to view a partial map of the island. An arrow will
point Higgins in the direction he should go.
 Win in Crab Race

 Farrie - The Farrie will ressurect Higgins once.
 Win in the Wack-a-Mole game and Shooting game.

c. Power

 These medals serve as keys in later areas.

 P Power - Push power. Won by pushing a penquin off an iceburg.
 J Power - Jump Power. Won by defeating a rabbit in a hurdle race.
 D Power - Dash power. Won by outrunning a fox.

d. Field Items

These items are automatically used when Higgens touches them.

 Fruit - There are many types of fruit but they all do the same thing. In the
left hand cornor of the status bar there is a fruit gauge. Every time you get a
fruit one dot lights up. If you get eight it they will become a heart and the
guage will return to zero.
 The number of fruits in your gauge affect Higgins' preformance in the five 
mini-games he will have to complete. Never enter a mini-game with less than 6
red dots on your guage.

 Small Heart - A small heart is the equivilant of eight fruit. It will fill 
one of Higgins' heart containers

 Meat - Meat will completely restore Higgins' hearts

 Half Heart - When Higgins' gets a Half Heart it will appear on the status 
bar. Another Half will give Higgins another heart container.

 Full Heart - A Full Heart is worth two Halves.

 Egg Pedistal - A square pedistal with a picture of a bird on the front and a
curved indentation in the top. Push UP in front of it to leave the Teleport 
Egg and you can return to it any time. Useing it in conjunction with the 
Ticket Home will allow you to escape from danger, rest, and return fully
prepared to fight.

 Star - The Star will temperorialy make Higgins invincible.

 Egg - Eggs are found throughout the island. An egg will contain another item.
Touch it to break it open.
e. Dinosaurs
 When Master Higgins frees his dinosaur friends he can go to their home (down
the ladder and two screens to the left of Higgens' house) and pick one to 
ride. If hit by an enemy the dinosaur will leave. You can store a dinosaur in
 your inventory by selecting a weapon while riding one. It is only possible 
to possess one dinosaur at a time and dinosaurs willl only be available after
clearing the first area.

 Spade - This red Dinosaur spits fire a short distance

 Heart - This Dinosaur hits enemies with its tail.

 Club - The Pteradactle can fly (Hold Jump) and drops stones on enemies. His
attack is weaker than Spade's or Heart's but his mobility makes up for it.

 Diamond - Diamond appears to be a swimming dinosaur. He is fast in the water
but useless on land. Higgins throws the bone when riding Diamond, making him
the least usefull offensivly.

 Star - Star Rolls into enemies causing severe damage. Star is more powerful
than the Stone Axe, but he is vulnerable because he uses his body as a weapon.
Bring Star into the final area but use him sparringly.

 5. Mini-Games

 There are seven mini-games in Adventure Island 4. Winning a mini-game will
provide Master Higgins with Special Items or Powers. When you enter a 
mini-game your entire Fruit Gauge will be emptied. The more fruit you have 
when you begin the better your chances of winning.

 Crab Race - Rapidly press A to climb to the top. Beat the Crab to win. You 
can play four times for four different items. Return when you've used a 
consumable item to win another one of the same type.
 Win: Compass, Spare Heart, Potion, Ticket Home

 Wack-a-Mole - The first half-fun mini-game is Hudson Soft's version of the 
classic Wack-a-Mole game. You must have the Yellow Hammer to play. Hit the 
moles with the Hammer. B swings the Hammer, A jumps. If you've used up 
the Farrie you can return to get a new one.
 Win: Farrie

 Shooting Game - The second half-fun mini-game. Shoot the targets riding a 
conveyer belt with the Water Gun. Use B to shoot. Good timing is required to
win. Requires the Water Gun
 If you enter the Shooting game without any fruits in you guage there will not
be enough targets to win.
 Win: Farrie

 Baloon Burst - Stab 20 balloons with the spear. The most difficult mini game.
Requires the spear. Jump with A and use UP + B to stab upward.
 Win Farrie

 Penguin Push - Rapidly press A to push the Penguin off the iceburg.
 Win: P Power

 Hurdle Race - Beat the rabbit to the finish line. Rapidly press A to run,
press B to jump. Never stop pressing A and if you miss a jump keep trying. It
may take a few tries to get the timing right. 
 Remember, only enter the game if you hame six or seven dots lit on your 
fruit guage.
 Win: J Power

 Fox Race - Rapidly press A to outrun the fox.
 Win: D Power

 6. Boss Stratagies

 Mini-Boss 1; Large Bat 
The first mini-boss you will face is a bat that grows to a large size and 
sends smaller bats a Higgins. It should be easy is you follow this stratagy.
 Stand in the center of the raised portion of the floor and keep hurling 
bones at the boss. If you stay in the center the small bats will fly over 
Higgins then fly into the path of your bones. When the boss flies over you 
just turn around and keep hitting it.
 Since Higgins can only take one hit it might be a good idea to bring a Spare
Heart. However, one should not be needed.
 Win: Yellow Hammer

 Boss 1; Rock Monster 
Higgins fights the Rock Monster in a cavern with two small platform floating 
above the ground. It is a giant creature made of stone with a red gem for an 
eye. It attacks by throwing a giant ball a Higgins.
 Stand on the left platform and hurl bones at the boss's eye. When the boss
rolls his ball wait for it to pass under the platform, then drop to the 
ground from the right side. It should bounce back and fly over Higgins.

 Keep using this stratagy untill the large rock drops to the ground. The ball
will fall between the platforms when it bounces off the rock. To avoid the
ball, lay down and crawl under the left platform imediatly after you drop off
of it. 
 Alternatly, you can destroy the rock with your hammer.

 With good timing you should be able to defeat it without taking a hit.
However, you should have 3 heart containers by the time you fight it.
 Win: Dino Spade, Torch

 Mini-Boss 2; Large Worm - I suggest that you have a Spare Heart when 
fighting the wormlike mini-boss.
 To defeat it stand back and throw bones. When it jumps get closer. When it
lands Higgins will be catapulted into the air. Pass over the boss and keep
hitting it from the other side.
 Even using this strategy you may take a hit.
 Win: Water Gun

 Boss 2; Magma Ball 
 The Magma Ball is a three part boss. It will begin as a single large ball. 
 Jump on the floating platform and pummel the boss with bones. When it fires 
lava disks at you drop to the ground from the left side to avoid them. 
Keep hitting it and, eventually, it will break into two Magma Balls.

 Keep hitting them with bones. They will attack by trying to ram Higgins. 
But, they are slow enough to avoid easily. When the lower one attacks
jump on the platform. When the upper one attacks fall to the ground.
 The upper one will attack first, so stay on the ground and attack the lower
Ball. If you are fast, you'll be able to destroy the lower Ball before it
can attack. Jump on the platform and attack the upper ball.
 When both smaller Magma Ball are defeated the four smallest will appear. 
They attack by circling the floating platform. They start from the bottom and make
one and a half turns clockwise before returning to the space above the lava.
Stand on the platform and jump off to the right to avoid them. If you time 
the jump right you can land past the last ball. They will fly over you when 
they return to the lava. Keep hitting them with bones.
 If you try to avoid them to the left of the platform they will hit you on
thier second pass. The only way to avoid them is to jump off the platform to
the right.

 I suggest bring as full set of healing items, just in case. You should have 
4 heart containners before fighting this boss.
 Win: Dino Heart, Snowboard

 Mini-Boss 3; Walrus
 The Walrus's chamber has a hole on the right side that Higgins can fall 
through to exit the room. If your not carefull you can fall through it during 
the fight or before the Walrus even appears.
 Wait on the left side of the screen. Ice blocks will leap out of the hole,
followed by the Walrus. To defeat this mini-boss jump on it using the
showboard. You should be able to kill it without taking a hit.
 Win: Spear

 Boss 3; Ice Grabber 
 The Ice Grabber attacks by getting blocks of ice from a dispenser in the 
center of the screen then droping them on Higgins. 
 Stand on the far right or left side of the platform and jump to hit the boss 
with the Torch. Continue hitting it as it decends and grabs a block of
ice. If your timing is good you can hit it once as it accends.
 When it reaches the top of the screen, switch you weapon to the Snowboard 
and move to the far right or left side of the screen. Face the center and 
wait for the it to begin to drop its block. When it does quickly move. Stop 
on the other side of the center platform and equip the Torch again. Repeat.
 Win: Dino Club, Umbrella

 Mini-Boss 4; Large Squid 
The Squid will move across the room diagonally from bottom-left to top-right.
Then, it drops to bottom-right and moves to top-left. Next, it will drop just 
bellow middle-left and weave horizontally to the right then back to the left. 
It will then repeat the pattern.
 Swim to the top-middle of the screen and keep throwing bones at it. When it
moves horizontally, wait for it to pass then drop down and keep hitting it. 
It should pass over you on the way back. After its first diagonal movement 
swim back to the top. Repeat.
 Win: Blue Hammer

 Boss 4; Crystal Crab 
Crystal Crab moves to the left side of the screen and opens. A sphere inside 
the crab fires a star above Higgins. The star transforms into a crystal and 
falls to the ground, bouncing once before droping off screen. The Crab then 
moves to the right and fires another star. Finally, it stops in the middle of 
the screen and fires 2 stars. It repeats this pattern.
 When it moves to the left side of the screen, jump on the left platform, lay
down, and throw bones at the sphere when the crab opens its shell. When the
crystal appears drop off the left platform and jump onto the right platform.
Again lay down and keep throwing bones at the sphere. This time, when the
crystal appears drop down and stand under the right platform. When the 
crystal bounces off the platform jump up. Now lay down and throw bones when 
the Crab stops in the middle on the screen. When the first crystal appears 
drop down and move under the platform. After it bounces off the platform jump back up 
to avoid the second crystal. Repeat.
 You may want to carry healing items when you fight the Crab and you should
have 6 heart containers.
 Win: Dino Diamond, Surfboard

 Mini-Boss 5; Large Skull-Bat 
This mini-boss is a large skeleton bat. It's attack pattern is the same as 
the Large Bat's. However, this time there is an indentation in the center of 
the floor, insted of a raised platform.
 Stay of the same side of the screen as the Skull-Bat and pummel it with
bones. Jump as it flys upward to get more hits. When it moves to the other 
side of the screen it will hit you. Follow it and continue attacking.
 You should be able to defeat it without being hit more than 3 times. 
However, it's always a good idea to carry a potion.
 Win: Boomerang

 Boss 5; Eye 
This boss is a floating eye with two disembodied hands.
 Eye tries to hit Higgins with its hands then moves in an arc to its next
position. It starts in the middle, moves to the left, back to the middle, to
the right, back to the middle, and repeats. When on the left or right it
attacks with only one hand. When in the middle it attacks with 2. When it 
takes enough damage Eye turns pink, stops moving, and starts shoot at Master 
 Jump up and throw your boomerang at Eye. When it hits pause (START or
SELECT) and resume playing. Jump and throw the boomerang again. This time,
while still in the air, move to the right. This should allow you to avoid the
hands. When Eye moves to the left jump onto the left platform and imediatly
drop off of it on the right side. Jump and throw the boomerang. This time you
should be able to get 3-4 hits using pause. Run to the right when it moves 
back to the middle. Repeat the stratagy from the right side.
 When it turns pink stand still and keep hitting it with the boomerang. Time
you jumps so that you leap over the bullet heading for you and pass under the
next one.
 Win: Dino Star, Skateboard

 Mini-Boss 6; Large Skull-Worm 
 The Large Skull-Worm is just like the Large Worm only there is a quicksand 
pit on the left side of the room.
 Keep hitting it with the boomerang. When it gets close to you wait for it to
jump and run under. Try to stay out of the quicksand. 
If you fall to the bottom of the quicksand, you'll have to start over.
 Win: Stone Axe

 Boss 6; Eggplant 
The final boss floats on the right side of the screen and spits disks at 
Higgins. The first disk turns into a mini-eggplant.
 Stand in the middle of the screen, jump, and hit Eggplant's eyes with the 
Stone Axe. Ignore the mini-eggplant and don't worry about taking damage. 
Keep hiting its eyes and it will soon die.
 Alternate Stratagy: Take Dino Star with you to the boss room. Jump on 
Eggplant using Dino Star's roll attack. Eggplant should take one or two heavy hits
before the dinosaur is hit. Then, land BEHIND Eggplant. Jump and hit it
with Axes, ignoring everything else. You should only take one hit before it
 Note: Unless you hit Eggplant with Star's roll attack only it's eyes and 
open mouth will be vulnerable. Star's attack disables Eggplants defenses.

 7. Passwords
 C3V0-20-4F {Area 1 completed}

 MFZ8-4X-43 {Area 2 completed}

 WYB6-ZY-43 {Area 3 completed}

 GYZF-J?-42 {Area 4 completed}

 PY13-X?-49 {Area 5 completed}

 P?1P-Y?-4M {All items, Teleport Egg left near final boss}

 8. Q&A

1) Where can I find this game?

 A: Adventure Island 4 is an eight-year-old NES game that was never released
in the US. I have no clue where you could find an original Japanese cartrige. I
doubt that it's possible. Try Ebay, or a company that specializes in clasic 
or imported games if you really want the cart.
 I played the game on an emulator using Demi's wonderful translation. I 
suggest you do the same. However, you don't need the translation patch to 
enjoy the game. There's very little text and none of it is story related.
 DO NOT E-mail me asking for ROMS. Look for ROM sites on the internet.

2) I have the spear, now what do I do next?

 A: This is where I became stuck. 
 Go back to the begining of the Ice Area where there is a moving log just out 
of reach. 
 Jump at it and stab it from below with the spear {UP+B }. If your timing is 
right the spear should imbed itself into the bottom of the log. The log will 
move and you'll be on your way to the next part of the Ice Area.

3) can u send me nes walkthrough advenrure island 4, for nintendo.
 A: Nope, sorry. I don't plan on making a full walkthrough anymore. It
would be redundant since there are now 2 great walkthroughs available. 
They can be be found at GameFAQS.com (www.gamefaqs.com) along with the most 
recent version of my FAQ. 
Specificly, they can be found here 

4) I am still unclear on wheather or not the english version of the game 
(in NES cartidge form) was ever produced. If not, can you point me in the 
right direction as far as where I can tack down a copy of the japenese 
(or english) version of the game. Any advice or info would be greatly 
appreciated. Thank you.

 A: To the best of my knowledge, there was never an English cartrige version 
of Adventure Island 4. It is possible that there are unreleased prototype
cartriges that I am unaware of, but they would be extremly difficult to find 
if they did exist at all. 
 I have no clue where to find a japanese cart. Half.com (www.half.com) seems 
like a good place to start.
Its both an import and very old so there isn't much hope. I've never seen one.
Do a google search for game importers. That might give you some leads. Most 
only have newer games, but it's always possible. 

 9. Thanks
 Hudson Soft for making this game and the rest of the Adventure Island 

 Demi of Neodemifocre (demiforce.parodius.com) for a great translation.

 10. Contact

E-mail me at hyzmarca@yahoo.com
Read the FAQ before you send an E-mail
I will accept questions not answered in the FAQ, comments, info or tips
about Adventure Island 4, constructive critiscism and corrections.
I will not accept questions that have already been answered in the FAQ, 
flames, spam, chain letters, or ROM requests.

 I may or may not have time to respond to your letters. However I will 
include answers to all questions is the next FAQ update. Your input will be 
 The most recent version can always be found at GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) 

 11. Legal

 Adventure Island and Master Higgins are property of Hudson Soft.

 FAQ copyright MMII, Hyzmarca (hyzmarca@yahoo.com)

 This FAQ may be redistributed under the terms of the Design Science Liscense. 
 It must be distributed free of charge. It may not given away with a purchace 
or be used as a part of any profit-making promotion. Full cridit must always 
be given to the original author. If it is altered in any way, the title 
must be changed, any changes must be noted, and the author of the original 
work must be credited as such.
© Retro-Bit.Ru
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