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Elder Scrolls 'the III: Morrowind / Элдер Скролс 3: Морровинд (Часть 2)

Коды, пароли, секреты и подсказки к игре The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind / Элдер Скролс 3: Морровинд (Свитки Старейшины 3: Моровинд) (Часть 2)

  1. Unlimited Arrows XBOX

    Equip a bow and any arrow. Hold Attack to pull the arrow back but enter the inventory screen before letting the arrow go. Once in the inventory screen release the attack button, then unequip the arrows and resume the game. The arrow will still fire, but it will not be counted out of your inventory.

    Contributed By: gsgreg

     4    0



Easter Eggs

  1. Eltonbrand

    Eltonbrand is an Easter Egg upgrade of the sword Goldbrand. Getting it is not very easy. First, you must have Goldbrand, and at least 11171 gold. Next, you must become a Vampire. Once you are a vampire, go to the Vivec Guild of Mages. There is a High Elf in here named Sirilonwe. Talk to her and she will give you a quest. Complete her quest (It's fairly simple, if not hard to get to) and return to her. BEFORE YOU TALK TO HER, drop 11171 gold on the ground, drop the rest of your gold on the ground, and pick up the 11171 gold. Now, talk to her and complete the quest. You will get Eltonbrand along with a strange message from the programmers. Now enjoy go one of the best weapons in the game.

    Contributed By: Psycho_Hippo

     8    2

  2. Hidden Areas!

    There are a number of areas in the game that can only be accessed through the use of the Console. To access these hidden areas, open the Console by pressing the Tilde key (the key above the TAB key and left of the 1 key) then enter one of these commands:


    coc toddtest
    coc "character stuff wonderland"
    coc "clutter warehouse - everything must go!"
    coc "ken's test hole"
    coc "Mark's Vampire Test Cell"
    coc "Redoran interior"
    coc "Redoran interior2"
    coc "Draugr Test" (Bloodmoon)
    coc "Mark's Script Testing Cell" (Bloodmoon)

    Contributed By: HETT

     2    3

  3. Peke Utchoo's last words

    In the Mudan Grotto near Ebonheart, a skeleton is in a tower inside of its ruins. A note is next to the skeleton, titled "Peke Utchoo's last words." Peke Utchoo explains that he drank a poison instead of a healing potion. The name is a reference to the Pokemon, Pikachu.

    Contributed By: Rajhin

     5    3




  1. Affect enemy statistics-works for all versions

    Go up to an enemy, press ` or ~ to open up the console, click on the enemy- its ID will apear after the title ''Console'' at the top of the console. Type in the id, then add in ->, then the cheat, like ''sethealth 0'' or ''setstrength 5''. For example, an annoying hoard of mudcrabs sneaks up to you- their ID should be something like ''mudcrab_00000006'', or something like that, so type in, to kill it, ''mudcrab_00000006->sethealth 0'', and poof, once you unpause, the mudcrab squeals and dies.

    Contributed By: Quarsar

     3    2

  2. Another Unlimited Money Bug

    Confirmed working in original unpatched version.

    First, solve the murder of Ralen Hlallo. Go to the House of Hlaalu to collect the reward, and just keep clicking the ''Ralen Hlallo'' option in the dialogue to collect $1000. Do not join the house. Keep talking to her, keep selecting that option for unlimited gold.

    This bug will probably be fixed soon, because unlimited gold means very easy skill training........

    Contributed By: IcedMetal

     6    1

  3. Conjure / Stat Boost

    Create any 'Bound' spell with a 0 second duration and any stat boost given normally by the spell you chose becomes permanent.

    Contributed By: aeros

     0    3

  4. Constant Effect Feather and Jump spells XBOX

    Just make a spell with Jump or Feather from # of points to # of points for 2 secs on self, followed by Soultrap on target. This spell may also work for other things but I'm not sure all I've done is Feather, Jump, Chameleon, Fire Sheild, Ice Sheild, Sheild, and Lightning Sheild. All worked except for the sheilds.

    Contributed By: TwinLamps

     2    1

  5. Free Bounty Removal XBOX

    First make sure you are in the Thieves Guild. Go to the cornerclub in Balmora. Drop all your money where you can find it. Now talk to the owner of the cornerclub (the bartender that sells books). Tell him to remove the bounty. It will say the price has been paid but you will get it for free.

    Contributed By: jlb

     1    1

  6. Get any item you want

    Step One: Using the TES load the Morrwind.esm
    Step Two: Click the tab that contains the ID of the item you want
    Step Three: Make sure to copy the ID letter for letter inculding the underscores
    Step Four: Open a saved Morrwind game like normal
    Step Five: Simply open the console by pressing the ~ key
    Step Six: type player->additem (insert the ID of the item you want here)''(amount of the item you want here''

    player->additem skeleton_key ''1''

    Contributed By: jeffrey_nothing

     3    2

  7. Get any Spell

    First open the console using the ~ key.

    Second open up the TES construction kit, load Morowind.ESM and click the spell making tab.

    Now find the spell you want and put it in the code.
    The code is......
    player->addspell [spell ID]

    Also if the spell ID has a space in it then you need to put a quote around it

    Example(without quotes) player->addspell flamebolt

    Example2(needs quotes) player->addspell ''god's fire''

    Contributed By: golden_sun_king

     4    1

  8. Get as many attribute points as you wish XBOX

    Just go get a spell with a Fortify attribute spell(The spell Wisdom from the Dunmer temple will do) and a Soultrap spell. Go to Spellmaking and make a spell with Fortify attribute (whichever you want with however power you want) and make it last 2 secs on self. After that add a Soultrap on target and buy the spell. Every time you cast the spell it will raise your selected attribute by the selected amount of points, and it will be permenant!

    If you are haveing trouble casting your spells because they are too powerful or are taking to long to cast, just raise your Wisdom with a spell like above, after succesfully casting a few times it will become much easier and you can add more fortify attributes to a single spell. Also you can raise your Magick power by increasing your intellegence.

    When raising personality you will eventually be able to buy/sell anything you want for however much you want (like common pants to the Fine Clotheir in Bolmora for 1,200 gold).

    Contributed By: TwinLamps

     1    1

  9. Health, Fatigue, and Magicka Restoration PLUS XBOX

    When you enter the Health, Fatigue, and Magicka Restoration code while holding the A button, also press the B button. By doing, lets say you are fighting someone and getting hit and you do the code to restore your health. After that when you get hit your energy will go down but then it goes up immediately after. You can also do this when you are using Magicka and Fatigue.

    Contributed By: Therockfan

     4    0

  10. Keep your bound items forever XBOX

    Create a spell, with bound 'insert item' for 2 seconds on self, and also add this effect to the SAME spell, soultrap on target, now cast that ONE spell you created and voila your item is there forever, but you can't drop it, you CAN however unequip that item

    Contributed By: olookwhooshere

     4    0

  11. Listen to your own music in-game

    Press the ~ button, and then type StreamMusic "songname.mp3" and it will play your own music. To work, your music must be in the gamedirectory folder\Data Files\Music folder to play it.

    Contributed By: KarlWFA

     3    2

  12. Permanant Summoning XBOX

    First you must buy a Summoning Spell of your choice and the Soultrap Spell. Go to a spellmaker and create a spell of Summon (creature that you have) for 2 secs on self and Soultrap for 1 sec on target. Add the summoning first then the soultrap second when creating it. Be sure to aim the spell directly at the floor by looking down as far as it will let you. Cast the spell and the summoned creature should remain there until killed. You can do this as many times as you want to create an army of them if you want or you could use it to summon a Dremora/Golden Saint and kill it to trap it's soul. Since the summon will be constant, the corpse will not vanish after death until you dispose of it. Therefore you can take it's weapon and shield.

    Contributed By: John_E_Mcdogg

     3    2

  13. Summon NPCs or items

    How to do this is very simple. Simply open the console (button is ~ for new people) and type ''placeatpc (NPC ID here) 1,1,1''. To summon an item, press ''player-> additem (item) 1''

    How to get IDs:
    Open the Construction Set and load the Morrowind.ini file. Now, when you see the menus on the left, it will show everything about what you want to summon. The IDs will be there. Enjoy!

    Contributed By: ImagineUnity

     4    0

  14. Train up to level 100 for 1 gold (each level) XBOX

    This is like the "drain skill trainer" glitch, but a little different.
    First, go to Dirty Muriels Club in Sadrith Mora and buy the "Scourge Blade" spell from the Dunmer mage with the green robe upstairs if you don't have the "Drain Skill" option in Spellmaking. Then tell him to make a spell with:


    Drain *skill* 100 magnitude for 2 seconds on self

    or, if you are a Breton, and resistant to magic, buy "Weakness to Magicka" or "Dire Weakness to Magicka" spell from someone, (I got it in the Guild of Mages in Balmora) and create a spell:

    Drain *skill* 100 magnitude for 3 seconds on self
    Weakened to Magicka for 3 seconds on self

    *skill* = Choose a skill from the list.

    After creating your spell, find an appropriate skill trainer , cast the spell (twice if you are a Breton,) and quickly talk to them and select "training." If the price of the skill is NOT 1gp, you did it wrong, or you are resistant to magicka and did not follow the appropriate steps.

    If it DID work, happy training. And try experimenting with Attributes using Soultrap. ;)

    Contributed By: ZeratulFenix

     4    1

  15. Unlimited Ekash LockSplitter Usage XBOX

    Make sure to have 2 Ekash scrolls, bring up the Magic Menu, Highlight the Ekash Locksplitter Spell, exit the Magic Menu, Place both scrolls into a sack, Open the Magic Menu and you'll see that the spell has remained, exit menu again, Press and hold Y+L (or R) to find the scroll. Repeat steps to get another scroll!

    Contributed By: Lancer_Evolutio

     4    1


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Game of the Year Edition Cheats


  1. Console Cheats

    Press "~" while playing the game to bring up the console. Type "Player->", then insert the code.

    Effect Code
    (click on NPC) kills NPC setHealth"0"
    (click on NPC) knocks out NPC setFatigue"0"
    (must click on NPC) raises disposition setDisposition"100"
    Adds 1000 gold player->additem gold_100 “1000”
    Adds a skeleton key to your inventory (Opens and doors, chests, etc.) player -> additem skeleton_key "1"
    Adds the daedric weapon in your inventory player -> additem "daedric weapon" (Change weapon with the weapon name)
    Adds the spell to your spells player -> addspell "spellname"
    Adjusts the players reputation to the given number. It seems that the maximum value is 255, but if a higher value is entered it appears to be applied. Player->SetReputation [Value]
    brings up the help menu in the console help
    Changes your character enableracemenu
    Displays most commands Help
    Displays the full map FillMap
    Enables a kill count. TKS
    Fills your journal with every single entry FillJournal
    Gives you the Blight disease immunity spell player->addspell "Blight Disease Immunity"
    Gives you the common disease immunity spell player->addspell "Common disease Immunity"
    Gives you the corpus Immunity Spell player->addspell "Corpus Immunity"
    God Mode (Invincibility) tgm
    makes objects disappear (works on u 2) setscale 0
    Raises the name of the skill to the number you put in player -> set(skill name) (number) (ex. player -> setstrength 1000)
    Raises your level enablelevelupmenu
    Raises your rank in the specified guild pcraiserank "name of guild" (Must have the " " )
    Show you ownership and script of objects you look at. Useful for knowing who to avoid selling stolen items to. ToggleFullHelp
    Takes the bounty off of your head setpccrimelevel 0
    Takes you to a room with almost every item in it coc "character stuff wonderland" (Guarded by monsters)
    toggles "fog" on map - fills all local area maps tfow
    toggles collision tcl
    Travel to any city coc "name of city"
    Travel to anywhere coc "name of city, then building"
    Unlocks Locked Objects unlock
    When used on corpse, resurrects it. NPCs that are dead from the beginning of game are not resurrected. Returns all items. Resurrect

    Contributed By: probesterPFC_NickCloud6000COG_SevdestroyjasInFearAndFaithdark_master_13ema369EDGE421Evil_Bunny5

     5    3

  2. Restore Health XBOX

    While playing the game, press B to go to the menu. Then use the L and R buttons to go to the stats menu. Highlight either the Health, Magicka, or Fatigue Bars and then enter the corresponding code.

    Effect Code
    Restore Fatigue Press Black, White, White, Black and then press and hold A until your Fatigue is full.
    Restore Health Press Black, White, Black, Black, Black and then press and hold A until your Health is full.
    Restore Magicka Press Black, White, White, Black, White then press and hold A until your Magicka is full.
    Unlimited Fatigue Press Black, Black, White, White, Black, hold A and press B
    Unlimited Health Press Black, White, Black, Black, Black, hold A and press B
    Unlimited Magic Press Black, Black, White, White, Black, White, hold A and press B

    Contributed By: Tallguy11223kingquwit

     16    11




  1. Bal Molagmer glitch XBOX

    Jim Stacey is the last Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild. He offers special Bal Molagmer missions that can be done on the side but before the completion of the main Thieves Guild quests.


    Normally when you complete the Thieves Guild, Jim Stacey will leave you in charge and leave. If you haven't done that Bal Molagmer sub-missions then you are out of luck. To get around this simply start a Bal Molagmer missions and then go and finish the Thieves Guild missions.You will be put in charge of the Guild and be given the skeleton key however Stacey will remain where is is at even though everybody says he has left. Now you can do the Bal Molagmer whenever you feel like it.

    Contributed By: AWing_Pilot

     5    1

  2. Easily Kill Merchants Without Taunting XBOX

    First, soultrap a Golden Saint. Then, enchant a piece of clothing to do one damage constantly. If you sell this piece of clothing to a merchant, such as Ra'Virr in Balmora, they will wear it, and constantly suffer one damage. This will eventually kill them, and you will not get a bounty.


    NOTE: This may only work with certain merchants.

    Contributed By: evilchaotwo

     8    1

  3. Grace Period XBOX

    At the start of the game, get your papers from Ergalla and go outside. Take the ring from the barrel and walk up to the left side of the second building. At the corner where the wall and the building meet, jump repeatedly and you should glitch through the wall. Now, if you hit anybody or steal something, a guard will just walk up and say something to the effect of, "If you do that again, you may just be thrown back in prison." If you drop the item you stole before they reach you, it is marked as yours and you can pick it back up. This is useful for collecting armor and weapons, because you can go anywhere. Unfortunately you cannot save. Note: some non-guard NPCs may attack you and you still can't kill anybody and get off scot-free.

    Contributed By: Knight_of_Eonia

     2    3

  4. Infinite 1 Gold Training Sessions XBOX

    This glitch will allow you to use any of the trainers in the game for one gold piece each time, and it will also allow you to train any skill to level 100 with any trainer (in other words, you don't need to go track down master trainers anymore). The steps are as follows:

    1. Go to the Prison Tower in Fort Moonmoth. The woman that is guarding the cells has a ''Drain Skill'' spell. Buy it.

    2. Now go to any spellmaker (the easiest would probably be the high elf in the Balmora Mages Guild, since Balmora is so close to Fort Moonmoth. The spell you want to make is ''Drain (insert skill here) 100-100 for 2 sec on Self''. So if you were wanting to train your heavy armor skill up to level 100, the spell would be ''Drain Heavy Armor 100-100 for 2 sec on self''. This spell should cost you about a hundred coins.

    3. Now you need to find a trainer who trains the skill you just bought the spell for. In this case you can find a heavy armor trainer right next door in the Balmora Fighter's Guild. What you do now is cast your ''Drain Heavy Armor'' (or whatever skill you choose) and while it is active open the training box. Since your Heavy Armor skill will be drained to zero no matter what you had it at, it will only show up as costing 1 gold piece to train. Now after you are done training, the spell will wear off and you will retain the level you just trained your Heavy Armor to. You can do this as many times as you want with every skill in the game. You can also train skills even when they are at level 100 already, though they won't go any higher. Use this to keep gaining levels for HP and to max out your stats.

    *Note: This trick is especially useful for Medium Armor since the developers forgot to put the Master Trainer in the game, so if you were hoping to use the Medium Armor Master Trainer, you're screwed. Use this trick to unscrew yourself. And if you feel guilty about cheating, drop 100,000 gold on the ground when you're done and walk away :P

    Contributed By: Dradeel_2

     10    0

  5. Infinite Breath Underwater XBOX

    What this glitch does is lets you stay underwater for as long as you want. When in water, go underwater. you should see a breath meter. Go up NEAR the top. If done correctly and your still underwater, the breath meter should dissapear. Then, you'll be underwater for as long as you want. Also, this is useful for looking for items underwater, you wont have to come up every minute or so. Have fun =)

    Contributed By: Rathalos888

     3    4

  6. Infinite Vampire Potions XBOX

    Note: This glitch requires that you be in the Aundae vampire clan.


    On your first mission in the Aundae Clan, you're sent to Sadrith Mora to learn of what became of Dhulayne Aundae's son, Vilandon Aundae. In order to speak to Sinyarimen, you must get Sinyarimen's potion from Tuscamircil to deliver to him. However, stay in the dialog box. Every time you select the option "I'll deliver the potion for you.", Tuscamircil will hand over a new one! A hole in the scripting that the developers over looked causes Tuscamircil to hand out a potion each time you do this. Thus enabling you to get as many of these valuable potions as you want. Now if you'll take a look at the potions qualities, you'll see that they're quite expensive for potions and are perfect for aiding a vampire. Here are the potions qualities:The potion is worth 1,502 gold, weighs 0.5 pounds, and it's effects are: cure common disease-Night Eye 50 pts. for 10 sec.-Fortify Strength 20 pts. for 20 sec. See what I mean? The night-eye effect especially helps you.

    This hole in the script should end either after you complete this quest or after you cure yourself of Vampirism - After those times, the dialog option should disappear.

  7. Instant Glitch-Kill XBOX

    This works on any NPC. All you need is a weapon and a lockpick (I use a Master Lockpick). Simply stand facing whomever you wish to kill, hold your attack button down, and while your weapon is swung back, open your inventory. You can now let go of the attack button. Equip your lockpick and exit your inventory. Your character will now swing your lockpick instead of your weapon, instantly killing whomever you\'re facing. 1 point will also be used up from your lockpick.
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