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Guardian Legend the

Codes, Passwords, Secrets & Hints for game Guardian Legend the / Gaddiku Gaiden

Area and other codes:

Effect Password
Start in the beginning with maximum stats, all weapons and keys hRyY eFGY b5hU 2pVV
iaKK lmCV xwfp zWES
Start in Area 1 BcvH a8EH 7QRE Z2RF
Start in Area 3 flLQ AVgP 3J6N 5UvO
pNGL wADU xtEN 2hjJ
Start in Area 6 AyxW eeh? ANG8 eCGi
xMf? CgYA G4R! jm2e
Start in Area 8 AE8s gBot 1f8R Kd2I
Nm9T 8ETe aR4! KoZI
Start in Area 9 073z !lN4 dLaZ g1qK
jfb0 Xpur Y5e7 bD?B
Start in the final area with maximum stats, all weapons and keys jYSJ gMeI dACE dL!4
gXqZ jfiE vpH9 xDpC


Action sequences only

Enter TGL followed by spaces as a password. All adventure sequences will be skipped.

Sound test

Hold A + B and reset the NES. Press Left or Right to select a sound, Up to play, and Down to stop.

Display game text

Complete the first action sequence and enter the first labyrinth room. Hold Select + B to display all text in the game, starting with the introduction.


kl!6 ojq7 rD?3 uPb! x1?3 4jHm etyv jbR! - You will start at area 0, X12, Y13. you'll have all areas completed, Your life will be at 21, your Rapid Fire will be at Level 5, your chip max will be at 4000, your attack will be at Level 4, Your Shield will be at Level 7, you will have 2054860 points, all of your weapons will be maxed out, and you will have 255 Enemy Erasers!

At the Password screen enter a code with all CAPITAL J's. You will then find yourself in some specific area of the game. You will also find that your weapons have been "maxed out" and that you have MOST of the keys you need to enter rooms during the quest part of the game. This is the flaw: You have most of the keys, but you can't pass through any of the doors in the area that you start at!!! I've also noticed that if you let your character stand still for about five minutes or so, she will start to blink on the screen.

Buy all three items:

Press Start repeatedly and approach each of the items. You'll be able to buy all three instead of the usual one.



  1. Codes

    Effect Code
    Access Sound Test Hold down A + B then hit the ''RESET'' button on your NES.
    View Storyline Right when you finish the first flying level (when you enter the 1st room of the labyrinth) hold Select and press B repeatedly.
  2. Message Test

    When any message panel is displayed, press Select to go into the map menu, then hold Select to exit the menu and go back to the game. While still holding the button, press A or B to finish the current message panel and as long as you keep holding select, you'll move to the next story message in the game's library.


  1. Arcade Mode

    All you have to do is enter the password TGL and then press END and you can play through the entire game skipping the walking portions. At the and of the round you are awarded power-ups to automatically advance to the next stage!

    Effect Password
    Arcade Mode TGL
  2. Get to point (25,0)

    Use this code to get to point (25,0) on the map.

    jGn9 dqK7 ?Wm5 xO64
    c5xg aRam QlJg Kmbg

  3. Level Passwords

    Effect Password
    Area 1 BcvH a8EH 7QRE Z2RF ARwF SARS bIEA AiMB
    Area 3 flLQ AVgP 3J6N 5UvO pNGL wADU xtEN 2hjJ
    Area 6 AyxW eeh? ANG8 eCGi xMf? CgYA G4R! jm2e
    Area 8 AE8s gBot 1f8R Kd2I Nm9T 8ETe aR4! KoZI
    Area 9 073z !lN4 dLaZ g1qK jfb0 Xpur Y5e7 bD?B
    Second Quest T G L
  4. Minus World

    Enter all capital ''J''s for your password. You will end up in one of the red areas of the game without the proper keys to leave. You have a very small life bar, but many of your weapons are highly upgraded.

  5. Start Game at Final Area w/Max. Abilities

    Enter the following at the password screen. (NOTE-8th character is an upper case "I")

    Effect Password
    Start game at final area w/Max.SC/CHIP/ATTACK/SHIELD & all Weapons & Keys. jYSJ gMeI dACE dL!4 gXqZ jfiE vpH9 xDpC
  6. Start New Game w/Max. Abilities

    Enter the following at the password screen. (NOTE-21st character is a lower case ''L''.)

    Effect Password
    Start new game w/Max.SC/CHIP/ATTACK/SHIELD & all Weapons & Keys. hRyY eFGY b5hU 2pVV iaKK lmCV xwfp zWES


  1. Infinite Chip Glitch

    When you encounter a chip that is stuck between two boxes at a 45 degree angle, try to get the chip by standing between the two boxes and forcing your way through. You'll get the chip, but your character won't be able to walk through the boxes and the chip won't disappear. You can get infinite chips this way, but you cannot go over your chip limit.

  2. Mini Boss Glitch

    While on the overworld, you'll know if you've entered a mini boss room when music starts to play as you enter. After a short time, pyramids will begin appearing to close you in while you fight the mini boss.

    By standing at the very edge of the room, the pyramids will appear under your character. After the mini boss appears, you can skip the fight by simply walking off of the wall that was supposed to be keeping you locked inside, then proceed to simply leave the room.

  3. Walking through walls

    With almost all of the game's vertical walls (not the bordering walls at the edge of the screen, but actual barriers within the levels), there is a glitch that allows you to walk through them. To do this, face either Northeast or Northwest, then hug the wall while walking upwards. When your character stops, walk directly into the wall to go through it.Secrets
  1. Buy out the "multiple choice" shops

    In shops where you are only allowed to buy one item, pause the game, and press and hold the Start button to resume gameplay. If you are holding the Start button when you buy an item, the remaining items will still be available for purchase.

  2. Skip the transformation scenes

    When you enter or exit a Corridor, you will have to sit through a cutscene, watching the Guardian transform between her android and jet forms. If you are holding the Select button, you will skip this scene.


Game Genie codes:

NZPISL Hold down both A and B to warp past a flying screen.
Use Controller 2 to move around and use Controller to warp.
TNZVVO No bad guys on the screen.
YNZNVP Start with a very strong shield.
YNLVOG Just land
YUGAEK Enter this code, and press Start. When the title
screen appears, select the password and enter this code.


With these codes you will only do the flying scenes and you
cannot die.
ZSTEKP Press Select to get more energy tanks and a higher score.
ZUTEKP Press Select to get more energy whenever you need it.
Note that this code messes up the screen when you use it.
AEISSX Speed up game
EOZYYY No enemies in flying scenes

NNVAIAAK Start with lots of energy, more than the max.
*AKVELA* Start on level___
Z A 2
L A 3
G A 4
I A 5
T A 6
Y A 7
A E 8

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