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Super Mario Bros. 2 / Super Mario Brothers 2

Game Genie Codes for game Super Mario Bros. 2 / Super Mario Brothers 2

Game Genie Codes by ABlake (gamefaqs.gamespot.com)

Super Mario Brothers 2

Music Codes

EPSETA-Bass is screwed up.
EKOETI-Drums are screwed up nicely.
EIKEPS-Bass is odd.
EKIEPS-Wonderful code which switches drum samples and sfx. Just listen to
the character select music!
EKAEPS-Title like EKIEPS. Also a behavioral code.
EPOPPI-Plays wart music.
KPIEPK-Music sustains longer between scenes. Also a graphics code. Also a
behavioral code.
EKPEPS-Drums slow to off.
EPKEPK-Music starts early. Also a graphics code. Also a behavioral code.
AEKEPK-Bizarre music alteration!
KAAEPK-Great weird music! Also a great behavioral code.
KATEPK-Like the clarinet code for Mario 1.
EPOEPI-Like the Mario 1 banjo code.
EPOPEI-Some instruments cannot keep up.
EIKPOZ-Freezes, but music continues with odd drum samples.
KIGOPE-Odd intro.
EKAAAE-No harmony parts.
KOTAGE-No harmony.
EAGOPE-All these codes screw up the beginning of the pregame music amazingly,
but none of them last for more than 20 seconds. They always make a perfect
transition into boring normal level music. I need codes which do this kind
of thing without ever resuming normal music.
IANOXG-Certain parts are doubled and track oddly.
PEGELI-Drums slow/off.
XZZOEK-Certain notes sustained longer.
ELKELG-Great noise when you die. Also a behavioral code. I need a code
which, when you die, does not resume the level so this music can go on
ELKELS-Title music is odd. Freezes.
ALKELI-No bass, some parts are scrambled.
PLKELI-Bass is playing all the wrong notes.
GENPAS-Great freeze with strange music/sfx blend.
GLKELI-Weird bass.
EIKELI-No bass, parts screwed up.
EGKELI-Bass screwed up.
EGKELS-Nice-sounding freeze.
EZKELI-Weird bass.

Behavioral Codes

KEZEKZ-When you pick up an item, you transport to the top of the screen.
SEZEPS-Same as KEZEKZ but you don't go as high.
PAZEAZ-When the pidgit lands, subcon shakes.
UOZEAZ-No enemies.
EOZEKI-Mario goes on a picking-up frenzy, falls through the ground and dies.
You can delay this if you land on an enemy, and you can make Mario go through
strange graphic changes.
EKPETZ-Some enemies are gone.
EKIEPZ-Enemies appear from left. Also a graphics code.
OPEOPE-Drill Mario spins and sometimes goes through ground.
KPIEPO-Mario can control enemies with B. Also an SFX code. Also a graphics
EPIEPO-Like KPIEPO except it also affects SFX differently. Also a graphics
code. Also an SFX code.
KPIEPK-Mario's control is incredibly strange! Enemies fall into the ground.
Also a music code. Also a graphics code.
EKAEPS-Hearts appear every time you kill an enemy or throw something. Also a
music code.
EPKEPK-Mario's control is very strange. Also a music code. Also a graphics
PKKEKK-Mario can control pidgits and make them jump with A, even while they
are in the air already! Mario himself, however, cannot jump.
KAKEPK-All the characters now flail their legs like Luigi when they jump!
KAAEPK-Characters shake and can't stand still. They can jump the entire
height of the screen. Also a great music code.
KASEPK-Mario's control is odd. Mario has tremors. Also a graphics code.
KPZTSZ-Mario falls through things.
XEEEEE-Unlimited vegetables, coins, etc.
EPAPPI-Enemies don't stick to their routes, they fall off ledges.
EPOPAI-Enemies spontaneously disappear, Mario appears at top of screen.
EPEOPI-Enemies fall through ground.
EELPOT-Enemies walk through things.
EEAPOT-Enemies spontaneously disappear.
LEAPOT-Enemies spontaneously disappear. Many odd effects. One time I threw
a POW block and the music did an OOOVYU freakout, the sky turned green, and
the game froze! Experiment with this one.
UEAPOT-Another unpredictable code like LEAPOT.
TEAPET-Enemies and vegetables float at the top of the screen.
ELKELG-Cannot kill enemies. Also a music code.
USSUSS-Mario does not interact with enemies.
EEEULT-When you kill certain enemies, they fly straight up.
TELPOT-Ghost-like enemies walk through objects.
POPAET-When throwing things to the left they travel further.
YPYPYP-POW blocks change into other objects.
APAPAP-You can put things in midair and stand on them.
LEGOIO-Plants become coins.
TEAPOP-Enemies fall from screen on sight.
TEAPOT-Enemies are immobile.
YXSETUAO+NSVAPUEO-Mario is very fast.
YZEEGKAO+NIEEYKEV-Luigi is very fast.
YXNAIUAO+NSNEAUEV-Toad is very fast.
YZXALKAO+NIXATKEY-Princess is very fast.

Specific Graphics Codes

AAZENZ-A cool-looking freeze.
PAZEOZ-When Mario gets hurt, he stays looking "negative."
EOTETZ-Scrambles the graphics in the pre-level wonderfully.
EKKELV-The scene frequently shifts in a confusing manner. Also a SFX code.
EOSESI-The scene occaisonally shifts.
EIKESO-Everything is a nice red-and-white.
EISEPK-Scrambled nice-looking freeze.
EKIEPZ-Odd background in pre-game. Also a behavioral code.
KPSEKI-Mario look different.
KPIEPO-Pre-game graphics odd. Also an SFX code. Also a graphics code.
EPIEPO-Just like KPIEPO except affects SFX differently. Also a graphics code.
Also an SFX code.
PPIEPO-Adds stripes to level. Also an SFX code.
OPIEPO-"Slot machine" graphics. Also an SFX code.
XPIEPO-"Slot machine" graphics. Also a level altering code. Also an SFX
TPIEPO-Adds stripes, other effects just like XPIEPO.
VPIEPK-Cool-looking freeze.
KPIEPK-Graphics are odd. Also a music code. Also a behavioral code.
EPKEPK-Enemies are negative images. Also a music code. Also a behavioral
AAKEPK-Negative enemies.
KASEPK-Adds stripes of color in pregame. Also a behavioral code.
KATEPK-Mario is a shadow. Also a music code.
KIZEKE-Adds stripes of color.
ISOOPE-Very minor graphical substitution.
EPZPPI-Nice freeze.
EPOOPI-Nice freeze.
EINPOZ-Negative title screen.
TEAPOG-Vegetables are fragmented.
TEAPYT-Slot machine graphics.
LLLOPE-Door sprites replaced.
ELLOPE-Door sprites replaced.
EPOPPK-Purple sky!
ELVISS-Odd character select screen.
EPOAAE-Slot machine graphics in pregame, enemies and powerups blink rapidly
and move in slow motion.
AEAEAE-Slot machine freeze.
AKAEAE-Slot machine freeze.
GEAEAE-Screen scrolls, but Mario does not go with it.
OEAEAE-Nice freeze.
TEAEAE-Dumb freeze.
LYLOPE-Substitutes other sprites for doors.
ELKELA-Slot graphics in pregame, graphics odd.
TSOOPE-Great-looking freeze when you pull a vegetable.
ATEOAG-Mario is black!
ELSELI-Scrambles graphics behind you.
ELKELL-Scrambled pre-game graphics.
POZEXL-Rippling water sprite substituted for upper-left corner of green
KIKESO-Palette altered.
OKPETZ-Logs in first level are gone.
EPAEPA-In beginning of level 1, strange effects include warped graphics and
Mario balancing an enemy on his head!
EPTEPT-Graphics are scrambled and change.

Level Altering Codes (Alter level structure, not sprites themselves.)

KAZETZ-Holes in the ground.
KEZETZ-Many extra enemies. There are 5 enemies where there should be only
KPZETZ-Pits in the ground.
KZZETZ-The level is rearranged.
KXZETZ-The enemies are different.
KLZETZ-The level is rearranged.
KUZETZ-The enemies are different.
KGZETZ-The level is rearranged.
KNZETZ-The level is nicely different.
EKOSSE-The level loops.
XPIEPO-Eternal plunge with enemies. Use invincibility or you will soon die.
Also an SFX code. Also a graphics code.
TEAPAT-Rearranged levels.
TEAPPT-Rearranged levels.
TEAPTT-Rearranged levels.

Graphics Scramblers

 Similar to the OSTENA family in Mario 1, these codes switch certain
sprites with other sprites.

EEEEEE-does not affect pregame, but is wonderful in game!
KKZOPZ-When Mario is not scrolling vertically, graphics look like the Mario 1
2020 graphics codes!
like OSTENA and are great!

SFX Codes

EKKELV-The sound effects for jumping and climbing change. Also a graphics
KPIEPO-Changes effect for character selection. Also a graphics code. Also a
behavioral code.
EPIEPO-Just like KPIEPO but the sound effect for throwing keeps changing.
Also a behavioral code. Also a graphics code.
PPIEPO-Changes character select effect. Also a graphics code.
OPIEPO-Changes character select effect. Also a graphics code.
XPIEPO-Changes character select effect. Also a graphics code. Also a level
altering code.
IKAAAE, PKAAAE-Constant effect is going all the time.
EEAAAE-Mario does not make that falling noise at the beginning of the pregame.
IGEAPO-Sound effects for shrinking are odd.

Failed Codes

UAZEAZ-This code worked one time, and it was the coolest thing. Mario was
jumping around in slow motion inside what looked like a warped fantasy slot
machine (not the one in the sub-game.) Try it out.
IIIOPE-SFX code which does nothing I can find.
NUUVYA-No description available.
YYYVYU-No description available.
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