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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters – Move List and Guide (PART 1)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters - Full FAQ & Character Guide v 0.65 by ~Kaz (Part 1)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(R): Tournament Fighters(tm) (SNES)
 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles(R): Tournament Fighters(tm) (SNES)
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(R): Mutant Warriors(tm) (S.Famicom)
 Full FAQ & Character Guide
 v 0.65
 by ~Kaz
 theeternallostboy at hotmail dot com
## Legal ##################################################################
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This FAQ is a guide for all characters in Konami's "Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero
Turtles" fighting game for the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom system called
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters" in North America,
"Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Tournament Fighters" in Europe, and in Japan as
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Warriors".
The North American version is hereby abbreviated as "TMNT: TF" and the
Japanese version "TMNT:MW".
The game is copyright 1993 by Konami, licensed by Nintendo; special thanks to
Eastman & Laird at Mirage Studios for TMNT.
This document is copyright 2005-2006 by theeternallostboy@hotmail.com.
Do not plagiarize or distribute any part or whole of this document for profit
or without giving the author, that's me, credit. Feel free to put the entire
guide on your webpage, as long as the content is not altered and I'm credited.

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## Acknowledgements #######################################################
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A great big THANK-YOU to:

GameFAQs, not affiliated with TGL, and 100% not-not responsible for that
 neon-green ooze that covered the site that lone April 1st.

Konami (old logo) and Nintendo for releasing great things since 1969.

Mirage Studios and Eastman & Laird for creating the Reptillian Fab Four.

GamePro (yes, GamePro) for supplanting me with their knowledge of jump-ins.

The Members of GameFAQs' TMNT: TF board, because gamers need Mutagen too.

And to my family and friends who can stand to put up with me on a daily basis.
..I still don't know how they do it. 8^P

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## Contact ################################################################
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Kaz Fact: The author of this FAQ can be found @ www.GameFAQs.com under the
 FINAL FANTASY LEGEND II Board section, where he has harassed the
 local posters of the for the past 3 or 4 years under the name of
 "Hasukawa Kazuya(a)".
 A Bonus-kun if you recognize the pseudonym.
 Or bug "Pako Pako", the person who's too lazy to submit an FAQ
 under his own name, on the TMNT:TF board.

If you can't visit the boards, feel free to flame me via e-mail.
Corrections & helpful suggestions are more welcome though.

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## History ################################################################
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V 0.40 (2005 Jun) Public release, contains deep strategies for the Turtles.
 I liked fighting games and be it marketing or otherwise, I
 liked what I heard about T.M.N.T.: T.F. enough to get it the
 week of its release. After years of playing, I've finally
 decided to publically release my own FAQ.
V 0.51 (2005 Oct) OK, slight delay about this public release stuff.
 Cyber Shredder strategies are included.
 Spell-check'd some terminology.
v 0.65 (2006 Mar) Haven't forgotten about this!
 Added Aska strategies and War information.

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## Contents ###############################################################
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Jump to each chapter by searching for its heading, such as "i. Controls".
Jump to each character by searching for their name & number, "1. Leonardo".
Please view this with a program using "fixed width" font such as Courier-type.

 o. Modes Before you start fiddling around with all the options
 i. Controls The shiney plastic buttons and what they do
 ii. Terminology So the words I say will sound less like jibberish
iii. Quick Movelist For those who just need their quick fix
 iv. Characters Round robin we go; divided into sub-sections
 1. Leonardo Leader of the Turtles
 2. Donatello Smartest of the Turtles
 3. Raphael Angriest of the Turtles
 4. Michaelangelo Happiest of the Turtles
 5. Cyber Shredder Super Powerful Badguy
 6. As(u)ka Konami's Aspiring Martial Artist
 7. War Creature of Destruction
 8. Armaggon Conqueror from the Future
 9. Wingnut Bored
 10.Chrome Dome Servant Trying to Be Free
 A. Rat King Self-Claimed King of the Sewers
 B. Karai Criminal Mistress
 v. Endings Spoiler-riffic! Includes Profiles from the game!
 vi. Codes U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, B, A, Select, Start
vii. Differences Why were there so many names for this title?!

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## o. Modes ###############################################################
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tournament Mode
 You pick one of the 10 available characters to battle against 12
 opponents. You view your character's ending after defeating Ratking
 and Karai (level 3 difficulty or higher).

VS Battle
 Two players each pick one of the 10 available characters (12 with a
 code) to fight one-on-one head-to-head. To quit this mode, press
 Select during one of the status screens after your fight.
 Press Select during the Character Select screen to switches to Button
 Configuration, or during the Stage Select screen to also change the
 handicap (1: Your character gives and takes lots of damage, 7: Your
 character does and takes less damage).

Story Mode
 You pick one of the four heroes in a half shell and go through the
 remaining 6 characters, a PURPLE clone (weird), and the two bosses
 (nine enemies in all) to search for your friends and to take down
 Karai and see the Turtles' combined ending.
 Unlike Tournament mode, your Ultimate Attack bar is disabled and no
 one can use their Ultimate Attack.
 Ratking is encountered in the middle of the game in this mode.

 You still need two controllers (or swap controller 1 into port 2)
 to choose two characters to battle it out. This mode is essentially
 a customized demo depending on the VS mode settings you put in
 Option and the handicap you gave each character.

 Game Level (Difficulty; 0 = easiest, 7 = hardest)
 Control Pad (Button Configuration, more in the Controls section)
 Game Time (Time Limit per round; 30, 60, 99, or Infinite seconds)
 Game Speed (the speed of the game)
 Credit (Number of Continues for Tournament & Story modes)
 Music (Sample the music; use D-Pad and X/B to select & stop/play)
 Voice (Sample the voices & sound; use D-Pad and B to select & play)
 Sound (Choose to output through Stereo or Single speakers)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
## i. Controls ############################################################
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 __(L)_________ ________(R)__
 / S U P E R N I N T # N D # \
 | _ _ _ |
 | _| |_ Sel.Sta. (Y) (X) |
 | |_ o _| --- --- _ _ |
 | |_| --- --- (B) (A) |
 | _________ |
 \_________/ \________/

The D-Pad: (U)p, (D)own, (B)ack (away from enemy), (F)orward (toward enemy)
(Start) pauses the game and selects your character
(Select) switches between your button layout and the Character Select screen
You can also switch the Handicap of a 2P game by pressing (Select) on the Map
During the status screen after a 2P match, press (Select) to quit 2P mode
The (L) and (R) triggers are not assigned by default

Block Hold Back/Away to block jumping and most standing moves;
 hold down-back for crouching and standing attacks;
 you cannot block in mid-jump/mid-air
P Any Punch
K Any Kick
WP Weak (Jab) Punch
FP Fierce (Fierce) Punch
WK Weak (Short) Kick
FK Fierce (Roundhouse) Kick
s.?? Standing "??" attack
j.?? Jumping "??" attack
c.?? Crouching "??" attack
Tap () Tap Button () Rapidly
QCF Motion Quarter Circle Forward (D, DF, F)
QCB Motion Quarter Circle Backward (D, DB, B)
DP Dragon Punch (F, D, DF)
RDP Reverse Dragon Punch (B, D, DB)
HCF Motion Half Circle Forward (B, DB, D, DF, F)
HCB Motion Half Circle Back (F, DF, D, DB, B)
[B],F Hold Back for 2 seconds, then immediately hit forward
[D],U Hold Down for 2 seconds, then immediately hit up
(a) Can also be done in mid-air
<a> To be done in mid-air only
U.A. Ultimate Attack (FP + FK)
 Only one U.A. can be done on screen at once
 The U.A. bar is normally not available in Story Mode
 The U.A. bar does not rollover after each round
 The U.A. bar fills for each attack you do on an opponent
 It fills faster if the attack is blocked
 The stronger the attack, the faster it fills
 The U.A. bar will steadily decrease

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
## ii. Terminology ########################################################
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Life: : The yellow bar at the top; the red part shows how much you're hurt

U.A. Bar: The green meter at the top; it becomes light green when it fills
 It fills more for moves that are blocked than those that hit
 The amount filled does not "roll-over" into the next round
 The amount filled will gradually drop with each passing moment

Normal : A normal attack (WP, WK, FP, FK); does not chip life if blocked
 A normal attack also done while holding a direction is still a
 normal attack

Cheap : An "unfair" tactic that is easy to do and difficult to see/stop

Cheese : See "Cheap"

Chip : A chip of life refers to single slivers of your life bar; to cause
 chipping is to do only little bits of damage

Combo : A string of attacks in sequence; if the first attack is not stopped
 the rest of the sequence is un-interruptable

Int'rupt: "Interrupt" or "Cancel"; to interrupt the animation of a normal (or
 sometimes special) move and execute the animation for a special (or
 sometimes UA)

Linking : This is when you string two moves one after another into a working
 combo, but the moves don't interrupt each other; an example would
 be a c.WK followed by a second c.WK in quick succession

2-in-1 : A simple two-step combo

Jump Atk: An attack done in mid-air; these must be blocked standing up

Cross-up: A jumping attack that connects and lets you land on the other side
 of your opponent; these are difficult to block as you must hold
 "toward" on the D-pad as the opponent has landed on the opposite
 side causing you to reverse direction; a Cross-Up should also hit
 'deep' to be more effective

Deep : A jumping attack that hits late and very low on the body (torso)

Early : A jumping attack that hits early or "very high" on/above the head;
 generally bad, as the opponent will recover by the time you land,
 but sometimes can be used to psyche the opponent out (read each
 character's Tactics section for more info)

High : When not referred to a jumping attack, this is one that hits near
 the face or head level; I will note when certain high moves can be
 ducked under; these can be blocked standing or crouching

High-mid: Essentially the same as a high attack; you cannot duck under it

Midlevel: An attack that hits the torso area; can be blocked high or low

Low-mid : On a plane slightly below mid-level; certain STANDING and DUCKING
 moves can hit other low-mid attacks as well as ankle-level low
 attacks; in all cases, crouching punches will never strike at the
 ankles and crouching kicks always will; you can block low-mid
 attacks while standing or crouching

Sweep : An attack that hits the ankles, shins, or feet; I may call these
 attacks "low", but I will specifically say if an attack will
 sweep the opponent off their feet or if they must be crouch blocked

Width : THIN opponents are "thinner" than other characters. This makes them
 harder to cross-up, let's them be pushed farther away after
 blocking an attack, let's them be knocked father away after taking
 a hit, and consequently makes them harder to combo.
 Thin opponents are KARAI, WINGNUT, and to some extent CHROME DOME.
 FAT opponents are just wider, making them easier to cross-up, but
 they also get bounced slightly farther after blocking/taking a hit.
 Fat opponents are RATKING and WAR, but War is also SHORT, so many
 hits will miss him because he constantly haunched over.
 C.SHREDDER is also somewhat wider, so deep hits push him away
 further, but he's not easier to cross-up.
 When all characters block, they feint back a little making it seem
 like they're thinner.

Height : Being SHORT or TALL doesn't help or hurt as much as being Thin or
 Fat, but it does make fighting different.
 Tall characters C.SHREDDER, RATKING, and KARAI (maybe WINGNUT)
 can be hit by jump-ins at a slightly higher level than anyone else,
 meaning they'll have more time to recover as the attacker lands.
 The only short person in the game, WAR (when he's not blocking),
 has the advantage that people have to aim lower and that vertically
 striking moves such as Michaelangelo's Dynamite Bomber or Rising
 Thunder may not score all their hits.
 WAR actually makes himself taller if he blocks.
 ARMAGGON also is much lower to the ground when he ducks and blocks.
 Be careful, the lower you are to the ground, the easier it is to
 be hit by a deep cross-up attack.
 A great way to test height is with C.Shredder on Raph's stage; do
 a j.WK at the peak of your jump to hit the other person really high
 and see if the hit-burst is above the green background stripe.

Fireball: Or "bullet" or "projectile"; anything you fire at someone

B.o.t.H.: "Back of the Head" projectile; when your opponent has fallen down
 and you time the tail-end of the projectile to hit them as they
 are getting up. This makes the most of post-projectile lag

1/2 scr.: 1/2-the-screen; the distance from the timer to the screen edge

1/3 scr.: 1/3-the-screen; the distance of your life-bar (without portrait)

2/3 scr.: 2/3-the-screen; from left of the timer to the screen's right edge

Poke : Sticking out a quick swipe to keep the opponent blocking/nerveous
 Both offensive and defensive, a character's poke-game is how much
 "priority" (see Defense furthur down) their pokes have

Special : A motion of the joypad followed by a press of an attack button;
 when blocked, still does damage

Throws : Get close enough so your shadows touch to execute, the damage is
 guaranteed and sends your opponent flying; does not add to U.A. bar

Command : A command-throw; a special-move that behaves like a throw.
 Like a regular throw, this is unblockable; despite the CPU able to
 do so, you cannot interrupt a move with a throw/command-throw

Anti-air: Good at stopping jumping attacks

Block : Holding away from your opponent as they are attacking/right before
 they unleash their attack and your character will block; hold
 down & away to crouch & block

Counter : Any attack done after an opponent's attack that can stop it

Reversal: Stopping someone's tactic or combo and immediately counter attack

Dizzy : If a character takes a certain amount of damage in a short amount
 of time, they may get up stunned and see stars for a while;
 wiggle left/right and tap the buttons to un-Dizzy faster.

Priority: "High" priority means a move is fast, long ranged, or perhaps comes
 from a weird angle that will stop other moves of "lower priority"
 that come out at the same time

Snuff : Stuff, stop, etc.; to "cleanly" stop an attack in mid-animation,
 that is, without "trading hits"

Trading : Trading hits is when you stop someone's attack while being hit

Start-up: The time it takes to execute/animate a move before it does damage

Lag : The delay after executing a move; also just called "delay"

TurtleUp: To play defensively

Wake-up : A move that you can do the instant you get up from a fall, such as
 Throws or certain Specials

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
## iii. Quick Movelist ####################################################
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. Leonardo Leader of the Turtles
 QCF+P : Shining Cutter
 DP+P : Roto-Cutter
 QCB+P : Endless Screw
 D+WP <a>: Body Splash
 B, B, : Backflip
2. Donatello Smartest of the Turtles
 QCF+P : Ground Claw
 Tap P : Bo Thrusts
 QCB+K : Headspin Attack
 D+WP <a>: Body Splash
 B, B, : Backflip
3. Raphael Angriest of the Turtles
 HCF+P : Jamboree
 [B],F+P : Power Drill
 [B],F+K : Chest Buster
 D+WP <a>: Body Splash
 B, B, : Backflip
4. Michaelangelo Happiest of the Turtles
 HCF+P : Dragon Breath
 [B],F+P : Dynamite Bomber
 [D],U+P : Rising Thunder
 D+WP <a>: Body Splash
 B, B, : Backflip
5. Cyber Shredder Super Powerful Badguy
 [B],F+P : Aura Crusher
 [B],F+K : Knee Crusher
 WP+WK : Aura Shield
6. As(u)ka Konami's Aspiring Martial Artist
 DP+P : Spinning Uppercut
 QCB+K : Kunai Spin Attack
 F/B+RK : Hip Shot
7. War Creature of Destruction
 [B],F+P : Turn Uppercut
 [D],U+K : Death from Above
 WP+WK : Lunging Headbutt
8. Armaggon Conqueror from the Future
 [B],F+P : Aqua Shock
 [D],U+K : Fin Slicer
 D+FP <a>: Diving Swim
9. Wingnut Bored
 QCF+P<a>: Moonbuster
 D+K <a> : Power Dive
 WP+WK : Glide Punch
 WP+WK<a>: Hovering
10.Chrome Dome Servant Trying to Be Free
 QCF+P : Chrome Spark
 D,U+WP+WK Electric Piledriver
 D+FK<a> : Diving Kick (at the peak of a vertical jump)
 B+FP : Chrome Uppercut
A. Rat King Self-Claimed King of the Sewers
 HCF+P : Rat Bomber
 j.FK : Super Dropkick
 D+P <a> : Body Splash
B. Karai Criminal Mistress
 WP+WK : Flying Slam
 FP+FK : Rocket Punch (when U.A. bar is not full)
 B+P : Rushing Punch
 B+K : Rushing Kick
 DB+P : Sliding Punch
 DB+K : Sliding Kick

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
## iv. Characters #########################################################
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 | Character Name |
 | -Description & Opinion |
 | _______________ |
 | |Special Attacks| |
 | |_______________| |
 | |
 | -Throws |
 | -Command Attacks |
 | -Normal Attacks |
 | -Tactics (opponents presumed standing unless stated) |
 | -VS the CPU (on Difficulty 7) |

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -1. Leonardo =- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The Head Turtle wears a blue bandana and carries dual katana. Leo is a good
all-around character to choose, and is probably the most straight-forward to
learn. His style is very efficient and packs a decent punch, but it may seem
a bit bland to anyone who's even heard of Street Fighter's icon, Ryu.

Leonardo has a unique damage animation: the Sword. (not totally true as Aska
has the 'slash' animation on her Spinning Attack) This means almost all of
his regular moves have an insane amount of priority compared to his brothers,
despite having the same look to the attack.

With these obscene level of priority, plus posessing good speed and versatile
moves, Leonardo is a strong defensive as well as offensive character.
|QCF+P Shining Cutter |
| A fast projectile with a fairly quick start-up, but longer lag. |
| The WP version will travel much slower, but allows Leo to recover |
| faster. |
 +Excellent to use with s.FK or c.FP as a bait/trap
 +Excellent for "behind the head" attacks on people getting up
 +Can follow up (from 3/4 screen) with s.FP
 +A lot of moves can combo into the Shining Cutter
 -Lag after FP version makes it dangerous to use, even in combos
|DP+P Roto-Cutter |
| Leonardo somersaults into the air and spins his blade around him. |
| The WP version can still hop over projectiles, but the FP version is|
| stronger and jumps farther. |
 +Excellent protection as Leo spins his blade around him
 +Can hop over all regular projectiles
 +I believe the WP version is completely invincible at the start
 -Not invincible at the peak
 -c.FP & s.FK are just as good anti-air moves
|QCB+P Endless Screw |
| Leonardo spins toward the opponent with extended blades. |
| The WP version is slow and only travels half the screen. |
| The FP version is fast and moves across the entire stage. |
 +First hit is a one-hit knock-down
 +There is a very small invincibility window at the start, not enough
 to avoid fast projectiles unless you're getting up.
 +Great in combos
 -If the first swing does not connect, it scores weaker multiple hits
 -Easy to avoid; just duck and attack Leo's legs
|U.A. Millenium Wave |
| Leonardo puts his swords away and fires off dozens of projectiles. |
| If done at close range on a cornered enemy, this will re-dizzy them.|
| Leonardo has horrible start-up and lag time with this move though, |
| but it fires over a large area making it impossible to avoid if done|
| from far away. |
| If you can't use this on a dizzied enemy, do it on someone just |
| getting up to force them to take excessive block damage. |
 +Lots of hits, can re-dizzy, good block damage from up-close
 +Counts as a series of projectiles and will nullify other projectiles
 +Even if someone jumps to try to take only one hit, when they get up,
 you're still attacking!
 -Must be done close up for good damage otherwise too many hits miss
 -Horrible start-up & lag
 -People can jump behind you while you're sheathing your swords
 -Can be reflected by C.Shredder's Aura Shield!
FP Toss Shoulder Toss
 A "seoi-nage" throw. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
FK Toss Suicide Throw
 A drop-back throw. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
B, B Backflip
 All turtles have this. It's a quick evade move that provides complete
 invincibility as you move backwards. You are vulnerable the moment
 feet land however, but should have enough time to block.
 +Complete Invincibility
 -You're moving backwards
D+WP<a> Body Press <in air only>
 An easy, but weak cross-up move.
 +Easy cross-up move
 This is a fairly high priority move; it can stop a few ground attacks
 and some air-attacks. Leo takes a quick swipe with his blade and does
 not retract it.
 Use this only if you're nose-to-nose with someone in mid-air; his FP
 comes out almost as quickly.
 Both from afar and up close, the s.WP is the same; a high elbow.
 This will completely whiff a ducking opponent or hit a jumping one.
 This is mainly useful in cheaps and combos.
 A fairly ranged attack for a crouching strike. This is actually slow
 compared to all the c.WP attacks everyone else has; it comes out
 slower than any other WP attack Leo has too.
 It still is fast enough in short combos, and has good range.
 One of the greatest jumping attacks ever.
 It cuts a wide swath through just about anything. Great to use as a
 cross-up, a jump-in, an anti-air; when timed well, this move can stop
 just about every counter-attack (that has no invincibility).
 Like Street Fighter 2, a lot of characters have different moves when
 close. The s.FP from 1/3 of the screen or closer from your opponents
 is a chop. This has horribly long start-up animation; anyone can see
 it coming and block. It does combo into a lot of moves; if a person
 blocks this, just follow it up with a special attack. It pushes them
 farther away so you can annoy them with patterns and cheaps, plus
 it lets you recover faster from this move's horrible lag time.
 From more than 1/3 of the screen away from your opponent, Leo dishes
 out a lunging thrust that covers 1/2 the screen. It comes out a bit
 faster than the chop, so you can actually stop people who are about
 to shoot a projectile if you have good reflexes (or anticipate).
 The s.FP (far) is great for poking and pinning people down while
 building up Leo's U.A. bar, just like the s.FP (close) followed by a
 WP Roto-Cutter or WP Shining Cutter.
 This is one of the easiest and best anti-air attacks in the game.
 All the turtles have this, but Leo's is special-er. Because of the
 sword advantage, Leo's c.FP has much more priority and pretty much
 stops all normal jumping attacks cold. It can even stop, or at the
 least trade hits, with jumping special attacks with good timing.
 Because it hits high, do not use this on close crouching opponents.
 A diving knee. It has low priority compared to Leo's other moves. Use
 j.WP instead. If you jump straight up, Leo will do an extended high
 kick. The range is also very limited, and it comes out only slightly
 faster than the j.FP.
 When next to your opponent, it's a low-attack kick to the shins. Too
 slow to be used in combos, but fast enough that people might not see
 it coming. Opponents must block LOW to stop this.
 From farther away, it's an upward kick. Pretty fast, and hits at a
 high enough angle to stop jumping attacks, but s.FK/c.FP are better.
 A very fast, short ranged low-attack to the ankles.
 A deep-angled jumping kick that can cross-up. This is a great move
 over-shadowed only by the j.FP. If you jump straight up, Leo will do
 a high kick with almost no horizontal range.
 When next to your opponent, this is an upward kick, like the s.WK
 from afar. This can miss a ducking opponent completely. It would make
 an OK anti-air, but when the opponent is that close, they're
 practically on top of your head.
 From farther away, this is a high roundhouse to the head. A sweeping
 motion means excellent priority against jumping attacks.
 A sweeping low attack that knocks people off their feet.
 Good range & excellent speed; very hard to avoid.
|Two-in-Ones |
| c.WP -> WP Roto-Cutter |
| s.FP (close) -> FP Endless Screw |
| c.FP -> FP Shining Cutter |
|Long Combos |
| j.FP -> c.WP -> Endless Screw |
| j.FK -> s.WK -> FP Roto-Cutter |
| Score a deep hit, hold toward and the s.WK (low) should just combo. |
| j.FK -> s.WP -> c.WK -> FP Roto-Cutter |
| Cross-up with the j.FK. Skip s.WP if the opponent is crouching. |
| j.FP -> s.FP -> FP Endless Screw |
| Hit deep or cross-up so you can combo the s.FP in time. |
|Corner Combos |
| WP Shining Cutter -> s.FP (far) |
| Perform the S.C. at about 2/3 the screen from your cornered enemy. |
| WP Shining Cutter -> FP Roto-Cutter |
| Perform the S.C. at about 1/3 the screen from your cornered enemy. |
| Time the S.C. so that it overlaps with your opponent as they get up.|
| This is called "behind-the-head" hit. |
| WP Shining Cutter -> s.FP (close) -> FP Endless Screw |
| Perform the S.C. at about 1/3 the screen from your cornered enemy. |
| Time the S.C. so that it overlaps with your opponent as they get up.|
|Traps |
| WP Shining Cutter -> c.FP/s.FK/Roto-Cutter/c.FK |
| If the opponent jumps toward you, they're getting all sorts of pain.|
| They can avoid this by learning to jump straight up. |
|Cheaps |
| j.FP, s.WP, Throw |
| If the opponent blocks, or even if they don't, they'll be thrown! |
| The nasty trick is, when the opponent blocks the jumping attack, |
| they may instinctivly block low and be surprised by your s.WP that |
| completely misses, setting up an easy throw. |
| The cheap part is, all the attacks can hit or be blocked and you can|
| still throw them! |
| WP Shining Cutter -> Throw |
| When the opponent is trapped in the corner, be 1/2 of the screen |
| away and use a BotH projectile, time the throw just right & repeat! |

1a. Leonardo VS War
 You can open with s.FP, it's safe
 Be careful of using Shining Cutter, War can easily jump & counter
 If War falls short with his Turn Punch, throw him if he's close,
 c.FK if he's farther, or s.FP if he's really far
 If War executes Death from Above, use a WP Roto-cutter, not FP
 If you can see War doing a Turn Punch from across the screen, use
 a Shining Cutter or s.FP
 Use your s.FP from afar if War moves within range, but don't just
 do it at random as War will knock your extended arm

1b. Leonardo VS Raphael
 Wait to see how Raph reacts; if he shoots, use s.FP
 Be aggressive; use s.FP to pin him down and projectiles from a
 far distance, use combos when he's dizzy
 Be defensive; stay grounded and use c.FP and Roto-cutters where
 Feel free to use j.FP when Raph's getting up; the CPU doesn't use
 Raph's Chest Buster as a wake-up that often unless it is
 to avoid a BotH projectile
 After whiffing with a Chest Buster, Raph is usually crouching; feel
 free to use a close s.FP -> WP Roto-Cutter

1c. Leonardo VS C.Shredder
 Play aggressively; use your bullet in BotH as much as possible
 Shredder likes to jump around a lot with his high-priorty kicks;
 stick to the ground and counter accordingly
 If Shredder lands a jump attack, he'll combo it into low attacks
 Avoid jumping in blindly, Shredder can Knee Crush you out of the air
 Avoid shooting random shots, C.S. can reflect them back at you and
 follow up with more damage or Aura Crusher through them

1d. Leonardo VS Michaelangelo
 It's generally safe to use s.FP to start
 Keep Mikey at a distance, Mikey is a better defensive player up close
 Use your projectile from afar; if you nullify Mikey's Dragon Breath,
 shoot again and try to close the gap for a s.FP
 Beware of using a Shining Cutter from less than 1/2 screen, Mikey
 can combo the stuffing out of you
 If Mikey is closing in, back-pedal and use a s.FP or c.FK to push
 him back some
 Also be careful of being too close to Mikey when he's getting up,
 Mikey has a tendency to Rising Thunder as a wake-up

1e. Leonardo VS Bonus
 You can s.FP all day long for a good score

1f. Leonardo VS Aska
 Wait for her to move at the start, Aska is small and quick enough
 to avoid most of your attacks, plus she has that Uppercut
 Most times, a quick WP Roto-cutter will get you first blood
 She's too quick for regular s.FP tactics to work, so try to keep her
 pinned somewhere far away
 Make damn well sure you know how to use Roto-cutter at the drop of
 a hat; a lot of the time Aska is jumping around
 Be well aware of Aska's jumps, they're long and fast; try to backflip
 and WP Roto-cutter, Aska might fall for it
 If Aska slides, block it and throw her for free damage
 If Aska misses with an Uppercut, move in and throw her

1g. Leonardo VS Wingnut
 Feel free to open with a s.FP
 If Wingnut jumps backwards, expect a Moonbuster; you can trade hits
 by shooting a fast bolt of your own (you do more damage)
 Look to close the distance between you and Wingnut; neither of you
 can really win from afar
 Your j.FP is a very high-priority attack, and can stop just about
 anything Wingnut tries; just be careful about your landings
 Be careful of Wingnut throwing you as he gets up, though if he tries
 to pressure you with low kicks, wake-up with a Roto-cutter

1h. Leonardo VS Armaggon
 Armaggon's opening moves can vary from shooting to jumping to walking
 You can stop his Fin Slicer at its peak with a j.FP
 Be carfeul about where you land, Armaggon has a habit to Bite you
 Try to wake-up on Armaggon with a Roto-cutter, his jumping attacks
 have little priority
 Be reminded that you can use your j.FP straight up as an anti-ground
 as well, as long as Armaggon isn't ducking for a Fin Slicer
 Another Armaggon tactic is a quick j.WK -> c.FK; look out for the
 c.FK as it is one of his faster moves
 The CPU may fake you out by jumping in and throwing you or c.FK
 Remember that you can cancel a s.FP with a Shining Cutter
 If Armaggon is getting too close, use s.WK to fend him off or throw
 You can actually throw Armaggon after blocking his Dive attack

1i. Leonardo VS Leonardo
 Much like everyone else, at level 7, Leo is no joke.
 From the start, the CPU takes to the offensive, so pick your counter;
 the CPU may also do a s.FP at the start so get ready to
 block or backflip!
 The CPU *will* use combos, and most likely string enough hits to RE-
 dizzy you
 Get ready to do a lot of fireball wars, anticipation, and be careful
 of what attacks you stick out
 Try to back off to the full screen and get the CPU to shoot at you,
 then jump over it; the CPU will try to use a s.FP with which
 an early j.FP can stop it
 The CPU will toss Shining Cutters alone, in 2's or in 4's before
 doing something else; if you find yourself inbetwee vollies,
 try to time an appropriate counter (Roto-cutter if close,
 j.FP if far...)
 Being a mirror-match, and with multiple patterns, this is just a hard
 fight that depends on who screws up first

1j. Leonardo VS Chrome Dome
 On the ground, you have the reach; in air you have j.FP
 DO not let C.D. get close, take advantage of his slow fireball
 If you are close enough to use c.FK, you're too close!
 C.D. does have a decent anti-air move, so don't jump too much, even
 if you are getting away from the EPD
 If he jumped first, C.D.'s jumping attacks can't be easily stopped;
 crunch out a Roto-cutter or use s c.FP and trade hits
 C.D. has almost as much range as you do, but his attacks are faster
 Do not over-estimate the horizontal range of the Roto-cutter, but
 do realize how far a WP one can go when it comes to hiting
 C.D.'s extended limbs
 You may have to start using j.WP a lot, since you need a good
 air-to-air as well as air-to-ground
 It's easiest to use the tedium of fire-fights broken up by the
 occassional s.FP
 Forget about easy throws, the CPU C.D. can reverse most of them
 Try to keep C.D. either in the air or lying down with simple combos
 While C.D.'s c.FK has more priority than your c.FK, your s.FP has
 more priority over his c.FK (which follow his jump-ins)
 If you find C.D. using a lot of his s.FK, note that c.WP stops them

1k. Leonardo VS Donatello
 This will give you some more relaxation, use fireball & s.FP patterns
 Donnie will use his s.FP has his common anti-air, which can trade
 hits with Leo's j.FP

1l. Leonardo VS Ratking
 At the start, Ratking can jump at you (use c.FP), super Dropkick to
 get close (throw), walk up (c.FK/s.FP), or using s.FK (c.WP)
 You can either wait and see, or jump back and j.FP as your safest
 You can stop Ratking's flying axe-kick with a well-timed c.WP or
 block and try to throw him; be careful, Ratking likes to
 follow his axe-kick (s.FK) with a c.FK to stop throws
 Try not to throw fireballs unless the Ratking is more than half a
 screen away; he can easily super Dropkick over them
 Everytime Ratking uses his super Dropkick, expect to be thrown when
 he lands
 Leo's Roto-cutter may not work as well as you'd like, Ratking doesn't
 jump too high and his super Dropkick will trade hits
 Forget about using the backflip to avoid Ratking's jumps, he will
 throw you out of the backflip with alarming accuracy
 Do your best to try and wake-up with a throw if Ratking plays close
 Constantly walk a few steps and use s.FP from the farthest possible
 range; Ratking will fail to axe-kick you almost every time
 If Ratking leaps over your s.FP, he'll use his super Dropkick to get
 close; if he flies close enough, use s.WP, s.WK, or c.FP to
 hit him before he lands, or use an Endless Screw before he
 crosses you over
 This is not fool proof, Ratking may end up short and in your face
 (Rat Bomber) or your s.FP may be countered by a c.FK
 Worse comes to worst, j.FP; if you land close to Ratking, j.FP again
 in safety and at least taking a super Dropkick hurts less

1m. Leonardo VS Karai
 Never stay on the ground, Karai can easily throw you
 Try to be airborne as much as possible with your body splash (d+j.WP)
 Always look out for Karai to jump off the wall, that's your cue to
 Roto-cutter her out of the sky
 If you get HIT by a rushing kick, you can immediately Roto-cutter and
 hit Karai before she recovers
 If you get HIT by a rushing punch, you can immediately throw her
 Try to reverse every possible throw; in other words, anytime you are
 close enough to be thrown, try to throw Karai first
 If you can, try to make deep j.FP attacks (Karai might not counter
 you) and follow with a quick c.FK or else you could be thrown
 The normal corner cheap of (BotH fireball -> throw) doesn't work as
 well; Karai is very thin and is prone to taking the hit
 rather than blocking, remedy this by using a BotH combo

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 -2. Donatello - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
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