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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters – Move List and Guide (Part 3)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters - Full FAQ & Character Guide v 0.65 by ~Kaz (Part 3)

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Part 1
|HCF+P Jamboree |
| An energy disk forms in Raph's hands before he lobs it. |
| The energy disk takes a long while to form, even the FP version, |
| but Raph has NO lag time after throwing it. |
| This move is almost uneccessary for Raph, but handy to have. |
 +No lag time
 +FP moves quickly
 -WP takes too long to create
 -It can go through someone if they're right next to you
|[B],F+P Power Drill |
| Raph flies forward, spinning sai-first, knocking people down in one |
| hit, or if blocked, scores multiple hits. |
| This can be a very cheap way to get close or chip at someone's life.|
 +FP is very fast, and can go the whole stage
 +WP hits multiple times if blocked as well
 +Very quick start up
 +Very little lag at the end of the move if blocked
 -WP has a short range
 -Beware of mid-level attacks like c.WP or jump-ins
|[B],F+K Chest Buster |
| Raph somorsaults forward with a high kick to the chest. This is a |
| very quick attack with very little lag or start-up. |
| Easy to combo and follow up with more attacks. |
| The WK version goes about 1/3 of the screen, the FK about 2/3. |
 +Very fast
 +Almost no start-up delay and little lag time
 +Invincibility window at the start and quick forward motion lets
 you pass through ALL projectiles and ALL attacks (FK & WK)
 +High priority kick; you at least trade hits and remain standing
 -This is a [Hold Back 2 sec.] move
 -Armaggon's WP Aqua Shock requires expert timing to pass through w/SK
 -This has more lag time than the Power Drill, so beware of throws
|U.A. Energy Spray |
| Raph will fly.. err.. slowly hover into the air and rain down a |
| volley of fireballs from the sky across the floor. |
| During this time, he is completely invincible until he lands. |
 +Wide-angle of attack
 +Scores multiple hits, even if blocked
 +Will RE-dizzy someone if all the hits connect
 -Wingnut can float in mid-air and avoid most of this attack from afar
 -Anyone, if close enough, can run under Raph as he jumps
 -If someone jumps up, this only hits once and does little damage
FP Toss Shoulder Toss
 A "seoi-nage" throw. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
FK Toss German Suplex
 A German Back Suplex. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
B, B Backflip
 All turtles have this. It's a quick evade move that provides complete
 invincibility as you move backwards. You are vulnerable the moment
 feet land however, but should have enough time to block.
 +Complete Invincibility
 -You're moving backwards
D+WP<a> Body Press <in air only>
 An easy, but weak cross-up move.
 +Easy cross-up move
 This is a fairly high priority move; it can stop a few ground attacks
 and some air-attacks. Raph takes a quick, high swipe with his blade
 and does not retract his elbow.
 Not bad as an anti-air; it has more range than you'd expect. For Raph,
 if you're going to have a mid-air collision, may as well as use WP.
 From afar, the s.WP is a slow forearm. It's too slow and short ranged
 to be used in combos, or in general, but strangely has the priority
 to stop long reaching moves like C.Shredder's s.FK if you do it
 before he attacks.
 Up close, it's the standard turtle "fast & really high elbow".
 A crouching jab. The sai he's holding gives him a bit more range
 than Donnie, and it barely slows the attack down.
 It is fast enough in short combos, but you can use better moves.
 It can stop mid-level charging attacks, such as Raph's Power Drill
 or Rat King's flying Axe-Kick safely.
 A downward punch. For a combo-starter, it can get you a deep hit,
 but isn't as good as the other turtles' j.FP. It is not a swing, so
 as an anti-air, it's not so great.
 When far away, this is a fairly short-ranged swipe with his Sai.
 Up close, it's an uppercut which is decent at stopping jump-ins, but
 is even more effective in combos.
 A skyward stab with his sai.
 This is one of the easiest and best anti-air attacks in the game.
 This has less horizontal anti-air range compared to his brothers,
 but its' great for anyone about to jump on top of you.
 Because it hits high, do not use this on close crouching opponents.
 A diving knee. It has low priority compared to Raph's other moves.
 If you jump straight up, Raph will do an extended high kick.
 The range is also very limited, but it comes out faster than
 his j.FP. The horizontal j.WK hits deeper than j.WP.
 If you're not next to your opponent, Raph does a zippy straight kick.
 Best move for him ever. It's fast enough to keep an opponent blocking
 and has a surprisingly long range. It can be used to snuff close
 attacks with it's speed, or be part of Raph's pressure games since
 you can rifle off three or so before an opponent gets pushed away.
 When next to your opponent, it's a low-attack kick to the shins.
 Opponents must block LOW to stop this.
 Raph's speed lets him follow this shin kick with a s.WK (far)!
 A very fast, long ranged low-attack to the ankles. One of the best
 in the game, this move is fast and long ranged, giving it a high
 priority. After a few s.WKs, do a few c.WK or c.FK to drive your
 opponent farther. And like the s.WK, it can still combo!
 A deep-angled jumping kick that can cross-up. This is a great move
 for Raph as his j.FP can't cross-up.
 The standard turtle s.FK from long-range, the angle he kicks is great
 for knocking people out of the air.
 Up close, it's a weird 2-hit, short-ranged hopping kick. The first
 hit is high (which works as a weird anti-air), the second is
 mid-level. Larger opponents can't duck the first hit.
 A sweeping low attack that knocks people off their feet.
 Good range & excellent speed; very hard to avoid.
|Two-in-Ones |
| FP Jamboree, s.FP |
| You have to be pretty close for the s.FP to hit. Don't hit the FP |
| too soon or the uppercut comes out. |
|Long Combos |
| j.FK, c.WK, FK Chest Buster |
| j.FP, s.FP, FP Power Drill |
| j.FP, s.WK, s.WK, c.WK, c.WK, FK Chest Buster |
|Corner Combos |
| FP Jamboree, s.FP, Chest Buster |
| A "behind the head" combo that doesn't have to start off with "hit |
| them behind the head"! In fact, you should be fairly close to them |
| so you can connect with the close s.FP, but far enough so that the |
| Jamboree doesn't pass through them. |
| WP Jamboree, j.FP, s.FP, Chest Buster |
| From 2/3 to even all the way across the screen, use a WP Jamboree |
| and immediately follow it in. |
|Traps |
| WK Chest Buster, s.WK, s.WK, s.WK, c.WK, Repeat |
| Best used on a cornered opponent; keep the pressure on! |
| They can avoid this by learning to throw you after the Chest Buster.|
| FP Power Drill, c.WK, c.WK, c.WK, Repeat |
| You can constantly cross them up and drain life. |
| They can avoid this by learning to reverse throw you. |
|Cheaps |
| Power Drill, Throw |
| Best done if the opponent isn't cornered or you bounce too far after|
| the last blocked hit. If the opponent is cornered, switch to the |
| c.WK trap. Be careful, the opponent also has a chance to throw you! |
| Against the CPU, if you cross them up with this, you have an almost |
| perfect chance to throw them. |
| Chest Buster, Throw |
| The Chest Buster ends much faster than the Power Drill, so it won't |
| chip off as much life, but it's more unexpected, the opponent may |
| forget they have a (better) chance to throw you. |
| The Chest Buster doesn't bounce you back too far if blocked, so |
| you can do this even if the opponent is cornered. |
| You don't even have to HIT with the Chest Buster, you can miss and |
| still have time to surprise someone with a throw. |
| Careful! The CPU does NOT forget! Use the Power Drill instead. |
| Jamboree, Throw |
| On a cornered opponent, use a WP Jamboree or BotH Jamboree and |
| follow it in to throw them! |
| j.FP, throw |
| Try to cross-up with j.FP and let your fist draw back before you |
| land; opponents may instinctively block allowing you to throw them! |
| s.WK, s.WK, c.WK, WK Chest Buster, repeat |
| You can have your opponent anywhere on the screen, and put the |
| pressure ON! This is both a trap and a cheap. |

3a. Raphael VS War
 Power Drill! Power Drill! Power Drill!
 You can cheap him to death, or start pouncing on him with j.FP;
 War's anti-air's are few and far between
 Just beware of War's strength, his poking range, and that he can stop
 a Power Drill with his Turn Uppercut from afar

3b. Raphael VS Raphael
 If the CPU jumps, try a c.FP to stop him
 Don't rashly jump in, the CPU can also use c.FP to stop you
 Don't randomly use Power Drills, the CPU can Jamboree you out
 Use a Power Drill after a normal move, such as a c.FK or when the CPU
 wanders too close
 The CPU is quick enough to try and walk up and throw you; have c.WK
 or c.FK ready and follow it up with a special
 The CPU can fire off Jamborees; either backflip, jump straight up,
 or use a last-second Chest Buster to go through them
 The CPU likes to jump in with j.FK->c.FK; block and Chest Buster!
 You can exploit a bug in the CPU: perform a BotH Jabboree while
 they're cornered that just overshoots them and the CPU will
 likely do a Jamboree after waking up (instead of a Chest
 Buster to avoid the BotH); now as they're charging, (or are
 standing, confused) walk up to them and throw them

3c. Raphael VS C.Shredder
 Shredder likes to open with a j.WK; you can almost always use an
 early j.FP at the start to stop him (you jump faster) or
 wait and use a c.FP
 You can use a well-timed c.FP to stop all of the CPU's jump-ins
 Be careful of using flying moves indiscrimanantely, the CPU can
 use a Knee Crusher to stop you or trade hits
 Take advantage of the forward momentum of your Chest Buster to avoid
 being pinned down
 If you get to use your UA, the CPU won't try to block it, but rather
 try to counter it (unsuccessfully)
 The CPU doesn't use wake-up moves, so feel free to jump on him when
 he's down with a combo-starter such as j.FP
 After blocking anything Shredder throws at you (c.FK, Aura Crusher,
 etc.) he may try to jump in again; if you anticipate this,
 you can do a Chest Buster to stop him before he jumps

3d. Raphael VS Michaelangelo
 Mikey likes to slide a lot; use your Chest Buster to stop him before
 he recovers from one of them or if does one close-up, block
 and throw
 You could Chest Buster through Mikey's fireballs, but if you're far
 away it may be safer to block them or jump straight up
 If Mikey throws out Dynamite Bombers, counter with Chest Buster
 Don't jump on Mike when he's down, he can Rising Thunder or throw as
 a wake-up
 Use your c.WK to ward Mike away from his ol' walk-in-and-throw
 Mikey likes to backflip and jump back; take advantage by learning to
 tag him at the end of these moves
 Mikey is fast enough to counter many of your cheap-throw attempts!
 To avoid his jump-ins, use a c.FP or Chest Buster as a wake-up

3e. Raphael VS Bonus
 A combination of c.FK & s.FP nets you a perfect with seconds to spare
 Use c.FK to weaken the lower 2, and s.FP the closer 2

3f. Raphael VS Aska
 After a jump-in, Aska will usually slide. Block and throw her
 If Aska slides up-close, you can block and throw her, otherwise a
 Chest Buster should reach
 Stick to the ground and don't overuse your special attacks to avoid
 her Spinning Uppercut
 The worst Aska can do is Kunai Spin repeatedly to charge her bar
 You can backflip or even try to Chest Buster through her Kikoken
 Beware of her jump attacks, they can knock you out of a Power Drill
 and may stop a s.FK, so use c.FP or Chest Buster
 In fact, you can use c.FP almost endlessly as Aska tries to jump in
 If you manage to block her WP Spinning Uppercut, you can walk in and
 throw her
 Aska will likely follow her Kunai Spin attack with a WP and
 another Kunai Spin. Block and wait for a break, or Chest
 Buster before she can stick out her WP
 If Aska jumps-in and doesn't slide, keep blocking
 Always throw holding AWAY after blocking. Or always throw with FP
 after blocking. Going from block to toward may result in a
 special attack which Aska will block and throw

3g. Raphael VS Wingnut
 You can constantly cheap Wingnut with Power Drills and throws.
 You can follow a missed j.FP with a throw
 Wingnut's Moonbuster can stop a Power Drill, but Wingnut can't throw
 any if he starts falling
 Wingnut is prone to BotH fireball combos
 Wingnut's standing close Punch is a good anti-air, but his s.FK has
 a small window where you can land and throw him
 Wingnut's c.WK has more priority than yours, and his s.FP can go over
 your c.WK
 Your Chest Buster works as an anti-air to most of Wingnut's moves

3h. Raphael VS Armaggon
 Beware of that Fin Slicer! It can counter your Power Drills
 Beware, Armaggon's c.WK may have more priority than your own, and his
 c.FK comes out just as fast
 Armaggon's jumps are too low and quick, your c.FP may miss him
 Don't worry too much about Armaggon using jump attacks (unless you
 stick out an anti-air); just Chest Buster him out of the sky
 If you get hit or block his Diving Swim, you can throw him. Just hold
 away as you throw or else you may use a special move
 Feel free to pressure Armaggon in the corner with fireballs & throws
 You can FK Chest Buster through Armaggon's FP Aqua shock easily, but
 only do if you can hit him; Armaggon recovers quickly

3i. Raphael VS Leonardo
 Raph vs Leo is speed vs strength. It's such a close match, I've had
 my share of double-dizzies
 You can use a Jamboree to stop Leo's Shining Cutter from half a
 screen away and still have time to walk up and s.FP him from
 afar as he's trying to use another fireball
 Use your FK Chest Buster to bust through any Shining Cutter pressure
 Leo may dish out
 All fights with Leo tend to be long and drawn out, so feel free to
 cheese at any time possible
 Leo is fireball happy; anticipate when Leo will throw his fireball
 If Leo fireballs from full screen, you can jump straight up and inch
 your way forward
 Leo likes using the Shining Cutter at the end of combos; have a Chest
 Buster waiting while Leo's still lagging
 Leo also likes using the Shining Cutter when you're cornered; have a
 Chest Buster waiting to blow through it
 You can actually win a fireball fight if you use a WP Jamboree
 followed by an FP Jamboree. The CPU will try to Shining
 Cutter both and fail
 You can also use your own fireball trap with FP Jamboree followed by
 a c.FP if Leo jumps toward you

3j. Raphael VS Chrome Dome
 It's so unfair that Raph faces off against C.D. (the hardest fight
 Raph may have in the game) right after Leo
 The Power Drill is a safe opening move
 Don't try to throw Chrome Dome unless after a Power Drill, he'll EPD
 you almost every time; also use your FP throw, if you miss
 the close s.FP comes out faster than the close s.FK
 You will need to lure C.D. into the middle of the stage to use Power
 Drill cross-up throws
 Chrome Dome has almost total air-superiority with his s.WP and j.FK
 Use your jumping body press or j.WP for priority; if you hit early,
 quickly jump back before C.D. uses his EPD
 Don't think you can use Chest Buster as an anti-air often unless you
 catch C.D. just starting a jump; if he gets to his apex, C.D.
 will j.WK you out of the Chest Buster
 You can use Power Drills as anti-airs; C.D.'s counters usually fail
 You can also use c.FP (close) and s.FP (far) early (before C.D.
 starts to drop) to cleanly hit him, or late to trade hits
 If you're lucky and can hit C.D. out of the air, walk forward a few
 steps; when he gets up, he'll jump at you again so get ready
 your c.FP/s.FP/s.FK!
 Wait for C.D. to use C.Sparks; jump over it and move in closer
 Be careful of playing foot poke-games with C.D., if you come up short
 trying to psych the CPU out, they will hit you with c.FK
 If you can anticipate it, you can use a Power Drill to go over the
 Chrome Spark
 Chrome Dome's favorite combo is to jump in and use c.WK a lot
 If you block C.D.'s jump-in, he uses an EPD
 If C.D. jumps in short, he walks in and throws you
 To take a good chunk of C.D.'s life, connect with a Drill/Throw at
 the start; this puts C.D. in the corner; use a BotH Jamboree
 and follow with a quick j.FP and s.FP to dizzy him!

3k. Raphael VS Donatello
 The Power Drill is great to open; you can toss Don into the corner
 Be careful of jumping in against Don, his FP is a great anti-air
 Don may also use c.FK as an anti-air, so jump in with j.FK instead!
 With timing, an early j.FP can stop Don's s.FP
 When Don starts doing s.FP for no apparent reason, he's going to use
 a Bo Thrust soon
 If Don does a Bo Thrust up close, block and Chest Buster
 Don is smart enough not to fall for BotH fireballs
 To make things easier, use your Jamboree to keep Don at bay
 Per hit, Don does more damage than Raph; don't trade hits too much

3l. Raphael VS Ratking
 Not a hard match considering Rat King is a boss
 Regular throws have more priority compared to FK's Ratbomber; you
 can do a high/deep j.FP and have time to land and FP throw
 Don't worry if Ratking gets too close when you're down; wake-up with
 a throw
 Ratking pretty much wins if he dizzies you for a Rat Bomber
 Your s.FP (close) can be a good anti-air if Rat King tries to Super
 Dropkick to get close or cross-up
 Beware of R.K's flying axe-kick; he usually follows it up with c.FK
 One trap you can use it to s.WK while holding back, Ratking'll either
 do a jump attack or the flying axe-kick; Chest Buster!

3m. Raphael VS Karai
 Karai's sliding attacks all have priority over your c.WK
 Be careful of using Power Drills, Karai can s.FK you out of it
 You barely have enough range to use a Power Drill at the start, but
 Karai is so thin you may not be able to throw her afterward
 You have to be very close to Karai (she's thinner than she looks) to
 throw or combo her
 To avoid Karai's Rocket Punches, either jump up to get hit only once,
 or use a Special to go through and hit her as she lands,
 or try your luck at a jumping FP
 Karai is a sucker for BotH fireballs
 When Karai is knocked down, time a j.FP that will hit when she gets
 up; Karai may not block allowing you to combo
 Beware! Karai gets out of being dizzy very quickly
 If Karai is dizzy, you may not have enough time to do a deep jump-in
 attack, but a regular j.FK, c.WK, Chest Buster combo works
 The best cheap against Karai is if you manage to throw her into the
 corner (off a Power Drill cross-up at the start is nice):
 throw a BotH Jamboree at 1/3-1/2 screen away and Karai will
 take the hit;
 c.FK and immediately WP Jamboree, Karai will block this;
 You have enough time to throw Karai back into the corner;
 Repeat! (you can get 29000+ points with the Timer On)

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -4. Michaelangelo - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The party animal of the quartet wears a bright orange bandana and can usually
be found skipping practice in favor of grinding his board or eating pizza.
Mikey's nunchaku carry a fair range and speed and makes for a good character
for first-timers to try. Like Raphael, Mikey's moves are mostly charging.

Mikey's special attacks are nothing terribly special, but they are very
versatile. He has a quick horizontal attack, a good vertical anti-air, and
a quick projectile. Be careful of using his Dragon Breath projectile, you
may end up using his Dynamite Bomber instead.

His regular attacks are also fairly quick and have good priority, but his
ace-in-the-hole is his powerful and highly useful UA. It virtually teleports
him in front of his enemy as he unleashes a series of high & low attacks.
All in all, with reach, speed, and power, if Michaelangelo players turtle up,
he becomes the most over-powered character in the game. Opponents should be
thankful the Dragon Breath has lag time!
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