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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters – Move List and Guide (Part 2)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters - Full FAQ & Character Guide v 0.65 by ~Kaz (Part 2)

Part 1

Part 3

The brains of the quartet dons the purple bandana. Donnie has one of the
longer ranged weapons of the game, and can play a good, if awkward, ranged
game. Donatello requires a little more practice than Leonardo to work with,
but in the end he can be one of the better character in the game.

While a lot of his special moves remind you of more common fighting arts, his
regular attacks are much more different. His s.FP hits multiple times, but
does not have the insane range Leonardo's does, his c.FK is a sliding sweep,
and you have to be careful not to punch too quickly or you execute a special

Donnie still carries good range & priority with his attacks, and his special
moves are strong and come out quick, but his movement is a little slower than
Leo making him a better defensive character.
|QCF+P Ground Claw |
| A very fast projectile with a quick start-up and fairly long lag. |
| While it moves along the ground, it is a fairly tall fireball. |
| Watch out for Don's staff; he extends it far while doing this move |
| which may be a tempting target for jumping attacks. |
| The WP version will travel much slower, but allows Don to recover |
| faster. |
 +The fastest moving projectile in the game
 +Excellent to use with c.FK/s.FP/s.FK/c.FP/Headspin as a bait/trap
 +Decent for "behind the head" attacks on people getting up
 -Lag makes it dangerous to use too often
 -Hard to combo with
 -Mikey can Dynamite Bomber over this
|QCB+K Headspin |
| Donnie will drop the ground and spin on his head with his legs |
| kicked out. You can now move Don left and right with the D-Pad. |
| The FK version lasts longer than the WK version. |
| Best to use the WK as a counter-move. |
 +Strong one-hit knockdown attack
 +There is a invincibility window at start-up, not enough to avoid
 projectiles unless they would hit you as soon as you get up
 +There is a invincibility window at start-up, enough to avoid all
 normal attacks and maybe even provide a counter-hit
 +If blocked, you bounce back a bit away
 -The FK version lasts too long; it makes you vulnerable if blocked,
 even if you move forward to do more hits
 -While spinning, you are VERY vulnerable to jumping attacks
 -While spinning, you might be able to trade hits with mid/low attacks
 -Very slow moving
|Tap P Bo Thrusts |
| Don's best pressure move, especially after getting in close. |
| Donnie starts stabbing at people with his Bo. Decent range, and you |
| can move Don forward or backward as he's attacking. |
| If you keep tapping, Donatello will continue to thrust up to 15 |
| times before stopping. |
 +Hits multiple times, great for combos
 +FP version has short start-up and recovery time
 +The FP version scores more hits.
 +FP version bounces you safely away
 -FP version requires a faster rate of tapping than the WP version
 -WP version has a long recovery time
 -Each hit is fairly weak; you want this to hit multiple times
|U.A. Fire Dragon |
| Donnie is completely invincible as he does this and the Dragon |
| spirit covers pretty much the whole screen for a few moments so no |
| one can avoid it; people can jump over you, jump high, they'll still|
| be hit. If blocked, the Spirit hits multiple times. |
 +One big damaging attack
 +Complete invincibility
 +Fast enough to blow through projectiles
 +Not a bad anti-air
 +If blocked, can chip away multiple times
 -A ducking block avoids most of the damage
 -Don still "announces" his attack by rearing back
 -Not as powerful as other U.A. attacks
FP Toss Shoulder Toss
 A "seoi-nage" throw. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
FK Toss Head Butt
 A strong Head Butt. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
B, B Backflip
 All turtles have this. It's a quick evade move that provides complete
 invincibility as you move backwards. You are vulnerable the moment
 your feet land however, but should have enough time to block.
 +Complete Invincibility
 -You're moving backwards
D+WP<a> Body Press <in air only>
 An easy, but weak cross-up move.
 +Easy cross-up move
 Don gives a quick swipe with his staff and keeps his elbow stuck out.
 Quick and good priority, but use this only if you're nose-to-nose
 with someone in mid-air; his FP comes out almost as quickly.
 A quick high elbow. Just like Leo's, when done far or close to the
 opponent it can completely miss a ducking opponent.
 Also like Leo's, no horizontal range or priority, but it's great in
 A quick crouching jab. Decent range. Comes out as fast as his s.WP.
 A downward swing of the staff. Not as prioritized as Leo's, but it
 still does a great job of stuffing someone's air attack and almost as
 good at stopping someone's anti-air defense on the ground.
 A twirling of the cudgel can get you 2 hits. The first hit is mid-
 level, the second hit is closer and higher, missing ducking opponents
 and sometimes thin ones (Wingnut). It has good range, easily reaching
 opponents from the start, decent speed and fair priority, which makes
 it an OK anti-air if done early enough (2nd hit may surprise people)
 as well as stop people up close in mid-animation of their specials.
 Your biggest strength and weakness. Use it often to push people away,
 but don't over-estimate your range as it leaves you open.
 You can't combo from or to this move unless after a deep jump-in.
 An upward swing of the staff; a very good anti-air move. Too bad
 you can't combo from it.
 Because it hits high, do not use this on close crouching opponents.
 A diving knee. It has decent priority, but you're better off with the
 other moves. If you jump straight up, Don will do an extended high
 kick. The range is also very limited, and it comes out only slightly
 faster than the j.FP.
 When next to your opponent, it's a low-attack kick to the shins. Too
 slow to be used in combos, but fast enough that people might not see
 it coming. Opponents must block LOW to stop this.
 From farther away, it's a high kick. Very fast, but has a shorter
 range than it may seem, and is not a good anti-air.
 A very fast, medium ranged low-attack to the ankles. You can chain
 a string of these together safely to push people away and build your
 UA Meter.
 A deep-angled jumping kick that can cross-up. This is a great move
 over-shadowed only by the j.FP. If you jump straight up, Don will do
 a high kick with almost no horizontal range.
 When next to your opponent, this is an upward kick, like the s.WK
 from afar. And like Donnie's s.WK, it doesn't go as far as it seems.
 This can miss a ducking opponent completely unless their shadow is
 touching yours (this hits above mid-level, but below high-level).
 The close version isn't a good anti-air, but from farther away, it
 is a high swining roundhouse to the head. The swinging angle gives
 it excellent priority against jumping attacks.
 A long-ranged sliding low attack that sweeps people off their feet.
 Too slow to use effectively, and has too much lag when blocked.
 If you use this, make sure your opponent will fall. The maximum range
 is about 2/3 of the screen away (just to the far side of the clock).
 This makes a sneaky anti-air move from afar because Don is so low to
 the ground, but if people realize you do it, they can have a deep
 attack ready.
|Two-in-Ones |
| s.WP -> Bo Thrusts |
| j.FK -> c.FK |
| Never forget this; Don's c.FK has so much range you can counter |
| outstreched limbs from afar and still combo. |
| j.FP -> s.FP |
| The first hit must be deep; j.FK may be easier to use |
|Long Combos |
| j.FP, c.WP, FP Bo Thrusts |
| Best used if you can cross-up with the j.FP or try j.FK |
|Corner Combos |
| WP Ground Claw, s.FP |
| A quick 2-3 hits if you can hit someone with the tail end of the |
| Ground Claw as they're getting up. If you're farther away, use c.FK.|
|Traps |
| WP Ground Claw -> s.FP/c.FP/s.FK/Headspin |
| s.FP for a late-jumper or a jumper from more than 3/4 screen away. |
| Headspin if someone is jumping from 1/2 the screen away or closer. |
| They can avoid this by learning to jump straight up. |
|Cheaps |
| s.WP, FK Throw |
| It doesn't matter if they get hit, block, or duck the s.WP, just |
| throw them. This depends on surprise as you can be thrown as well. |
| j.WP, FP Throw |
| More desperation than cheap. Time the j.WP so that you hit early, |
| deep, or miss completely (either because you missed a cross-up or |
| you pulled your bo back or you did it too late), land and throw |
| your opponent while they're still scratching their head. |
| WK Headspin, Throw |
| Get close while in the Headspin, but don't hit the opponent. The |
| best time to do this is when the opponent is getting up. You want |
| trick your foe into blocking. As soon as you stop spinning, you want|
| to be in range to throw 'em! |

2a. Donatello VS Armaggon
 Open with s.FP; Armaggon may walk into it
 He likes to walk in and attack, leaving himself open to a quick s.FP
 He likes to walk in and throw, also leaving himself open
 He telegraphs his diving swim; block and counter
 He prefers to launch 2 Aqua Shocks in a row; anticipate and leap
 over the 2nd to take the offense
 He likes to Fin Slicer up close, so don't use point-blank projectiles
 Watch out for his reach, not his speed; Donnie can outmatch him with
 the speed of his s.FP alone, just make sure you don't whiff

2b. Donatello VS Wingut
 Open with s.FP; Wingnut may walk into it or jump back
 He almost telegraphs his Moonbuster; jump early over it and use j.FP
 Watch out for his chain combos, they can dizzy you
 His biggest threat is that he can easily Hover in and toss you
 Keep up your anti-airs and don't jump into a Moonbuster
 Despite being so thin, use s.FP anyway; it pushes him away so you can
 use projectiles and anticipate a Moonbuster
 Once trapped in a corner, you can pressure him with s.FP and combos

2c. Donatello VS Leonardo
 Do not try to open with s.FP, Leo may dodge and counter
 He will use his Shining Cutter/FK traps a lot
 Watch out for the range of his Roto-cutter; it can stop your c.FK
 If you can trick Leo into using a Roto-cutter (by being upclose)
 use a Headspin; Leo will fly over you and land on your feet
 A s.FP can trade hits with a Shining Cutter
 From 3/4 of the screen, if your projectiles nullify each other, you
 have enough time to jump and stop his 2nd Shining Cutter
 From 1/3 the screen, if your projectiles nullify each other, use
 s.FP to stuff Leo from doing anything
 If you do stop Leo with a j.FP, so a s.FP immediately so he can't
 have time to use a counter-move

2d. Donatello VS Aska
 Aska may open up with a sliding or jumping weak attack
 Her Spinning Uppercut is nasty and will be used often as an anti-air
 Aska will also use her Uppercuts in short combos off jump-ins
 If you get hit, or block Aska's early-jumping or crouching weak
 attacks, she is open to a throw or strike.
 Aska will use her Kunai Spin attack to close the distance
 You can use your Headspin to counter her specials; she will pass
 through/over you and land on your feet
 Feel safe to use the Headspin up close; you can usually score a hit
 or get Aska to block three or four times
 If you can trap Aska, push her with WK and FK Headspins. Afterwards,
 Aska will counter with a slide, uppercut, or jump; block and
 counter-attack accordingly

2e. Donatello VS BONUS
 Use your s.FP or FP Bo Thrust continually for the most points

2f. Donatello VS C.Shredder
 C.Shredder will use Aura Shield on your fast projectiles
 He can Aura Crusher through your slow projectiles
 C.Shredder prefers to use (j.WK/j.FK -> c.WP -> c.WP -> c.WK -> c.FK)
 He also likes to jump around a lot, and is very fast to boot
 Play defensively; use c.WK and s.FP to keep the distance, s.FP as
 an anti-air from afar and c.FP or backflip and Headspin
 against his close jumps

2g. Donatello VS Raphael
 Open by taking a step forward and using s.FP; if Raph doesn't
 block, he gets hit
 If you are far away, you can use simple j.FP (early) -> s.FP moves to
 push Raph around, he won't use his anti-airs well; he may
 Power Drill pass you, Chest Buster just short, or miss
 with a s.FK; hit with the j.FP and push Raph away with s.FP
 If you jump too close, Raph may c.FP you
 Don't try using projectiles or Headspin, you will lose every time

2h. Donatello VS War
 Open with s.FP; War is wide enough that he will be hit
 Take advantage that War has no real anti-air moves except his WP+SK
 and his Turn Uppercut
 When War uses his Turn Uppercut, duck to avoid it until his arm is
 raised; then quickly stand before it retracts and toss him
 Take advantage that you can use a s.FP after a jump-in safely
 Do not use s.FP at random; War's s.FK has equal range and is faster
 If War starts jumping up and down in place, he is getting ready to
 use his Death from Above special; either block and counter
 or jump back and counter
 War can continualy charge for his Death from Above, and is has almost
 no lag time; if you avoid one, be wary of a follow up attack
 Don't use projectiles or Headspin much, War tends to jump quickly

2i. Donatello VS Michaelangelo
 Open with s.FP; offense-minded Mikey usually walks into it
 Do NOT jump in against Mikey; he's always readies a Rising Thunder
 Mikey prefers simple j.FK -> c.FK combos before moving away and
 tontinuing to "turtle up" as it were ala Guile
 Don can actually Headspin through a fast Dragon Breath as well as
 backflip through one easily
 Slow Dragon Breaths can be avoided by jumping straight up
 Try to anticipate if Mikey will upchuck fire (usually after he
 blocks), take a step in to s.FP his face
 Mikey will try to spit twice in a row, even if you stopped the first;
 anticipate it with a j.FP -> s.FP, and get Mikey to block
 If Mikey is just sitting there, try to walk into s.FP range and
 force him back
 Mikey has a tendency to walk up and Dragon Breath; anticipate it

2j. Donatello VS Chrome Dome
 Open with a step forward and s.FP
 Chrome Dome will counter your projectiles from afar with a Ground
 Spark or a diving FK; if it's the previous, keep firing;
 if it's the latter, wait and counter him
 Don't use projectiles up close, Chrome Dome may use a dive FK
 If C.D. dives over your projectiles, hope you can use a Headspin
 attack quickly; that'll stop his EPD attempt.
 Be careful of C.D. approaching you; he's looking for his EPD!
 Be careful of taking to the skies from afar; C.D. has long reach
 If you can corner C.D., wait at about 2/3 screen range (just to the
 side of the Timer) and use a WP Ground Claw; C.D. will most
 likely dive kick over it, now you can use a Headspin attack
 to counter anything he tries after he lands or s.FK him
 out of the diving kick if you have the right angle

2k. Donatello VS Donatello
 Against a level 7 CPU, wait to see what its first move is
 At some point, it will try to Ground Claw; jump over and combo!
 If the CPU uses a WK Headspin for no reason, you still have time to
 use a j.FP to counter
 Look after ever missed s.FP (its or yours) for the CPU to use a Claw
 You can use the Headspin to trade hits with a close Claw or jump-in
 The CPU is very projectile-happy, but can use combos too

2l. Donatello VS Ratking
 Open with s.FP; like War, Ratking is wide enough to be hit
 Look out for Ratking's flying axe-kick and super Dropkick; both can
 be countered from afar with s.FP
 Try not to use your projecitles much, Ratking will often use his
 super Dropkick to fly over it and throw you
 If Ratking knocks your s.FP out from afar with his axe-kick, he'll
 try to combo with with a c.FK when he flies close; block and
 s.FP his face this time
 If Ratking takes to the air when close, expect a super Dropkick;
 duck and c.FP him from the sky
 If you want to be cheap, constantly use FK Headspin to confuse the
 CPU; Ratking will have trouble countering and may even walk
 into it! At the very least, you can build up your UA meter
 by making him block and boucning out of his Rat Bomber range

2m. Donatello VS Karai
 She is fast and furious; watch out for her jumping attacks
 Don't end up close to Karai as she gets up, she can throw you
 If Karai is putting pressure on you with quick jump-ins and rushing
 attacks, use a Headspin to counter any normal attack she has
 To avoid the flying Rocket Punches, jump straight up; she will wind
 up attacking early, if not, she can only hit you once
 If you want to be cheap, constantly use Headspin to confuse the CPU;
 Karai will have trouble counter-attacking, but she can still
 trade hits if she does

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -3. Raphael -=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The angriest of the turtles, at least outwardly, is clad in a crimson mask.
Raph is perhaps one of, or the MOST cheapest character in the game. The
closest video game analogy I can think of: A cross between Vega/M.Bison and
Guile from Street Fighter. This would exemplify him as a "charge" character,
or a person who is constantly hold down-back in preperation to execute a
[B],F or [D],U move.

Raphael has a very different set of normal attacks compared to his brothers,
and even though he has the shortest ranged weapon, these normal attacks are
usually high priority and have INSANE combo ability.

Much like Leo, Raph's speed and priority give him a great offensive and
defensive game. He does have his quirks, and don't be afraid to cheap!

Part 1

Part 3

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