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Fantastic Dizzy

Guide and Walkthrough Fantastic Dizzy

GAME: Fantastic Dizzy
SYSTEM: Sega Master System
DEVELOPER: Codemasters

FAQ/Walkthrough Copyright © 2005
AUTHOR: snowblind / Kenneth McMillan


1. Introduction & Version History
2. Story
3. Controls
4. Characters & Creatures
5. Quest Items
6. Main Quest Walkthrough
7. Star Finding Guide
8. Miscellaneous
9. Acknowledgments
10. Contact Information and Copyright Notice

* 1. Introduction *

I started this because I was bored. Fantastic Dizzy is one of my fave Sega
Master System games, I was itching for something to do and found myself seeing
the game as something that suited a FAQ. Plus, there isn't one on GameFAQs yet
for the Master System version. This will be my first FAQ for the site, so
excuse any poor presentation or formatting. I'm aiming as best I can for
clarity and accuracy. Hopefully I've managed that here.

8th February 2005.
V 0.8.
Almost everything I planned on putting in the FAQ is here. I'm aware of a few
things that could be better. There are also a few things I want to add in at
a later date, but I consider this first version to be almost complete.

4th March 2005.
V 1.0.
Refined, added to, corrected and re-arranged little things throughout the whole
file. Shortened the walkthrough after noticing an uneccessary section. This FAQ
is now complete as far as I can tell.

* 2. STORY *

"Daisy has been captured by the evil wizard Zaks.

Only Dizzy is brave and clever enough to rescue her from a terrible fate.

Leaving the safety of the Yolkfolk's treehouse village, Dizzy sets out on
his greatest adventure!"

Thus reads the text that starts the game. It's very typical, but the fact
you're an egg and the non-linear gameplay helps to bypass the poorness of
the story. Fantastic Dizzy is an excellent game, one of three that
Codemasters brought to the Master System late in its life. All three are among
the most technically impressive games for the system, so if you like this, hunt
down Micro Machines and Cosmic Spacehead too. Dizzy can be quite a long game -
between exploring the land, finding items, figuring out what they do and
collecting all 250 stars, it takes a while to finish.


 - Move Dizzy left and right
 - Control direction of jump
 - Aim crossbow during Trolls' Castle attack
 - Move barrel during Swift River ride
 - Slow or speed up mine cart. Change tracks left or right
 - Swim left or right
 - Select item from Status screen

Button 1:
 - Pick up an item
 - Enter doorways
 - Exit Status screen
 - Fire crossbow during Trolls' Castle attack
 - Use an item
 - Swing on rope from hooks
 - Swim up

Button 2:
 - Drop item
 - Jump
 - Duck during Trolls' Castle attack
 - Burst bubbles during Bubble Trouble


- Yolkfolk -

Dizzy : The hero of the game, and indeed a long series of games. The good
 natured Dizzy bravely sets out to rescue his girlfriend, facing
 dangers and using his wits. This is one egg that won't crack under
 pressure. Yes, I did just say that. The only egg joke I'll make.

Grand Dizzy : This wise old elder for a long time has been looked up to
 by the other Yolkfolk. But, as Zaks attacks the land and kidnaps Daisy,
 he finds himself bed ridden with an illness that only Dizzy can help
 cure him of.

Daisy : Dizzy's sweet, fun loving girl. Enjoys cheerleading, romantic dinners
 and moonlight walks on the beach. Doesn't enjoy being kidnapped by
 evil wizards.

Denzil : Wants to be the coolest egg in the village, and gets what he wishes
 for. Save the music loving, shades wearing Denzil from a life of being
 frozen in a large ice cube.

Dylan : This one is a bit of a hippy apparently.

Dora : Another victim of Zaks' magic.

Dozy : My kind of egg. Dozy sleeps all day and all night, and it takes quite
 a lot to wake him from his slumber. Envy his cosy sleep as you run
 around battling evil and try to save the land.

- Other Supporting Characters -

Theodore the Good Wizard : A good friend of Dizzy who'll grant him extra lives
 if the sliding puzzles can be solved. I'm not quite sure why he doesn't
 confront Zaks himself, though judging by images of them it would be
 like old Obi-wan (old, robed, helps our young hero) going up against
 Palpatine in his prime (ruthless, cloaked, shoots lightning from his
 hands). In any case, he's invaluable to the quest, should you be able
 to find him.

Pogie the Fluffle : A small, furry, purple creature. It's hinted at that Pogie
 is Daisy's pet. But with no Daisy around to look after it, it's escaped
 and wanders the lower treehouse.

Prince Clumsy : This lonely guy just wants to be loved. Don't we all? He
 lingers around at the base of the treehouse village with a crazy-eyed
 look on his face and crossbow in his hand - so it's not really
 surprising that he's alone. If only there was a dumb girl who needed his

Shopkeeper : It's said that the shopkeeper is angry, he certainly looks like
 he could have a temper. Find him in Castle Street, Keldor village and
 maybe you can buy something from him.

Shamus the Leprechaun : I can't help but think of this guy as more foe than
 friend, he looks almost as bad as Zaks and can definitely be harmful.
 But if you have something he wants he'll let you pass.

Rockwart the Troll : Appears in the manual. I don't see him in the game.

Palace Guard : Guards the tunnel in Keldor.

Green Dragon : I assume the dragon is a mother, as it can be found deep within
 the mines guarding a golden egg. She's a dangerous one, breathing
 deadly fire at anyone who gets too close to her baby.

- Creatures -

Spider : These rise and fall from trees, caves ceilings, lampposts, 

Ant : Walks back and forth along the ground

Rat : Exactly the same as ants, only in different parts of the land

Bat : Flies high and low in an erratic pattern

Butterfly : Flies around the screen, dazes Dizzy if touched by one

Crocodile : Swims in the river

Small fish : Swims in water

Large fish : Swims in water

Jellyfish : Swims in water

Crabs : Walk under water


I've listed these roughly in the order that you encounter or pick them up in
the course of the game. I might be more detailed about locations in a future
version of this FAQ if anyone requests it.

Number. Item Name
 - Location
 - Use
 - Location of use

01. Dizzy's Door Key

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Open Dizzy's House
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

02. A Large Strong Plank of Wood

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Cover Pit of Wooden Spikes
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

03. The Key for Denzil's Elevator

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Activate Denzil's Elevator
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

04. The Key for the Ground Elevator

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Activate Ground Elevator
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

05. A Bottle of Snappy Weed Killer

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Kill Deadly Plant
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

06. A Long Length of Tough Rope

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Swing from Hooks
 - Various Locations

07. Denzil's Door Key

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Open Denzil's House
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

08. Daisy's Door Key

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Open Daisy's House
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

09. Dozy's Door Key

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Open Dozy's House
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

10. A Small Animal Cage

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Trap Pogie the Fluffle
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

11. Grand Dizzy's Door Key

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Open Grand Dizzy's House
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

12. A Pile of Dry Straw

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Thaw Frozen Denzil
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

13. Dora's Door Key

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village 
 - Open Dora's House
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

14. A Magical Star Plant

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Put in Grand Dizzy's Cauldron
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

15. The Key for Dylan's Elevator

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Activate Dylan's Elevator
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

16. A One Ton Weight

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Lower Hooked Walkway
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

17. Dylan's Door Key

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Open Dylan's House
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

18. An Incredibly Small Pigmy Cow

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Exchange with Shopkeeper for Magic Bean
 - Village of Keldor

19. Dora Who Has Been Turned Into a Frog

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village 
 - Give to Prince
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

20. A Cross Bow With Lots of Bolts

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Attack Castle Defense
 - Troll's Castle

21. A Tasty Looking Cooked Chicken

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Feed Deadly Beast
 - Crystal Falls

22. A Red and White Mushroom

 - Countryside
 - Put in Grand Dizzy's Cauldron
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

23. A Machine Wrench

 - Countryside
 - Repair Elevator Machine
 - Diamond Mines

24. The Key for Grand Dizzy's Elevator

 - Diamond Mine
 - Activate Grand Dizzy's Elevator
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

25. An Old Medicine Recipe

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Ingredients for Medicine
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

26. An Empty Medicine Bottle

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Put in Grand Dizzy's Cauldron
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

27. A Full Bottle of Medicine

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Cure Grand Dizzy
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

28. A Warm Golden Dragon Egg

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Pass Dragon
 - Diamond Mines

29. A Bridgebuilder's Sharp Axe

 - Diamond Mines
 - Cuts Bridge
 - Countryside

30. A Heavy Bag of Gold Coins

 - Crystal Falls
 - Pay Palace Guard in Tunnel
 - Village of Keldor

31. A Protective Old Umbrella

 - Village of Keldor
 - Protect from falling drops
 - Various locations

32. A Very Strong Crowbar

 - Village of Keldor
 - Open Hatch
 - Pirate Ship

33. A Barrel of Pirate Rum

 - Crystal Falls
 - Distract Blackheart
 - Pirate Ship Gangplank

34. Zaks' Portcullis Winch Handle

 - Pirate Ship 
 - Open Zaks' Castle
 - Zaks' Castle

35. Some Sticks of Dynamite

 - Pirate Ship
 - Unblock Passage to the Dragon
 - Diamond Mines

36. A Portcullis Winch Wheel

 - Pirate Ship
 - Open Portcullis to Trolls' Castle
 - Village of Keldor

37. A Solid Gold Irish Shamrock

 - Diamond Mines
 - Give to Shamus the Leprechaun
 - Grasslands

38. A Dry Match

 - Grasslands
 - Thaw Denzil
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

39. A Pair of Flippers for Swimming

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Swim in Water
 - Various Locations

40. An Aqua Lung for Under Water

 - Carber Bay
 - Breathe Under Water
 - Various Locations

41. A Heavy Rustproof Axe

 - Carber Bay
 - Free Air Bubble Under the Sea
 - Carber Bay

42. A Large Gold Coin

 - Carber Bay
 - Buy Magic Bean from Shopkeeper
 - Village of Keldor

43. An Empty Treasure Chest

 - Carber Bay
 - Access the Grasslands from Carber Bay
 - Right-most part of the shore

44. A Large Bag of Salt

 - Carber Bay
 - Raise Sponge Platform in Water 
 - Grasslands

45. A Pair of Brass Cymbals

 - Cavern Under Countryside
 - Wake Dozy
 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village

46. A Thick Persian Rug

 - Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
 - Cover the spiky floor
 - Zaks' Castle

47. A Magic Green Bean

 - Village of Keldor
 - Grow Beanstalk
 - Grasslands

48. A Complete D.I.Y. Rope Bridge Kit

 - Trolls' Castle
 - Rebuild Bridge
 - Graveyard

49. A Key with a Skull Motif

 - Graveyard
 - Activate Elevator in Zaks' Castle
 - Zaks' Castle

50. A Gravedigger's Muddy Space

 - Village of Keldor
 - Dig Hole in Graveyard
 - Graveyard

51. An Empty Old Tin Bucket

 - Graveyard
 - Douse the Fire
 - Zaks' Castle

52. A Gymnasts Bouncy Trampet

 - Graveyard
 - Exit Cavern
 - Graveyard


All items pertaining to the main quest are in all caps when first mentioned,
to make their first appearance easy to spot. There's probably some logic to
this but I might do away with the all caps thing later, if it turns out to be
of no help to anyone.

As this is something of a non-linear game, a walkthrough covering all bases and
possible methods of completing the game would be tough, and unseccessary. So
this walkthrough tackles what I find to be the easiest and most efficent route
through the game.

Items not required to complete the game during this walkthrough:

 - Umbrella
 - Large Bag of Salt
 - Large Gold Coin


The game starts in Dizzy's own home within the Treetop village. Use the
shelves right of the bed to jump up and reach the rafters where a key can be
seen. This is DIZZY'S DOOR KEY, so pick it up and unlock the door. Once
outside, go left where you'll see A LARGE STRONG PLANK OF WOOD, take this and
continue left. Watch out for the spider, you'll see many of these throughout
the game and while they're easy to avoid, carelessness can lead to some damage
from them. Just beyond this spider is THE KEY FOR DENZIL'S ELEVATOR. Take it,
turn and go right, passed Dizzy's house to the end of the walkway. Fall off
the end and go left. Carry on going left, falling off the platforms until you
find THE KEY FOR THE GROUND ELEVATOR and now run right where the elevator
awaits. Use the key to activate the elevator but immediately descend to the
ground and go right. When you get to the edge, just before the wooden spikes
in the pit, use the large plank of wood to bridge the gap. Contact with the
spikes is fatal so don't try jumping over. Just after this pit is A BOTTLE
OF SNAPPY WEED KILLER, pick it up and turn back. Use the elevator again and
go right. After the two spiders is a man (egg) eating plant which descends
from a walkway. It's impossible to avoid its clutches, so this is where you
use the weed killer. Stand just to the left of plant and use the weed killer,
a quick spray and it's dead. Keep going right until you reach another key on
the ground, this is DENZIL'S DOOR KEY. Turn back after getting this and jump
up to the nearest above platform, then jump again to the one above that to go
left. You'll be on the next level of the village, now turn and jump right to
the walkway where a spider can be seen. DAISY'S DOOR KEY is up here, get that
and continue right. Use Denzil's elevator key to move up, then go left and
open up Denzil's house. Don't enter is just yet, though. Go a little further
left and on the ground is A PILE OF DRY STRAW, which you then take to Denzil's
house and place beneath his frozen self. Now, make your way back down the
village to the area with the now dead plant. From here go right, jump up to
the next walkway and go left being careful to avoid the spider. Once in the
next screen again turn and jump to the next walkway where Daisy's house lies.
Use her door key to enter. Collect both DOZY'S DOOR KEY and A SMALL ANIMAL
CAGE from the shelf. Exit the house and keep going left until you fall down to
the next level for a shortcut. Jump up at the next opportunity and look for
Pogie the Fluffle, he walks back and forth along these lower areas. He's a
small purple creature, completely harmless, so when you see him, approach him
and press 1 to trap him in the cage which you found in Daisy's house. As soon
as you have him in the cage (shown in the Status screen where there was before
just an empty cage), head back up to Denzil's and pass it. Jump the gap, just
after where the straw was found, and keep going left until you find yourself
at the end of the walkway where you can pick up DORA'S DOOR KEY. If you turn
around at this point and walk right, you'll see a platform on the opposite
side of the gap which you came up through. Jump over to it and follow this to
end at the far right. You'll notice a green object on the ground but ignore
this for now - besides, you should have no spaces left for more items at the
moment. There's another key at the end, but ignore that too and make your way
up to the next walkway and eventually to Dylan's house. Drop the three objects
outside - Dora's key, the cage with Pogie and Dozy's key. Now, with three
empty slots you'll be able to backtrack and pick up many of the items that
were bypassed earlier. Turn around and go back down to where you just passed a
key, pick this up as it's THE KEY FOR DYLAN'S ELEVATOR and go all the way back
down (still ignoring the green object) until you reach the unmarked building
left of the platform which Denzil's elevator lands on. This is the Village
Meeting Hall, enter it and pick up the key at the far end, GRAND DIZZY'S DOOR
KEY. Exit and continue backtracking down to the lower area where the dead
plant is. On the walkway above the plant is an object, A LONG LENGTH OF TOUGH
ROPE which you also pick up. With all these items in your possession, trek
back up the walkways. When you reach the green object, drop Grand Dizzy's door
key here and continue on your way to Dylan's house. Go past the elevator here
for now and run left until you see a small platform above you. Jump up to it
and stand at the right edge, press 1 to use the rope and swing across to
another small platform. DYLAN'S DOOR KEY in found here. Go right, use the
elevator key on the elevator, and the door key on Dylan's house. Get the cage
which you earlier dropped outside of his house and take it inside. If you
present this to Dylan he'll reward you with AN INCREDIBLY SMALL PIGMY COW.
Easily the weirdest item so far in your travels. Take this and exit the house,
but once outside drop it and the rope off. You'll need both later, but not for
a while and you do need the empty slots for more urgent items. Recollect
Dozy's key and Dora's key. Use the elevator and when it stops at the top, go
left. Enter Dora's house using the key, but only to find poor DORA WHO HAS BEEN
TURNED INTO A FROG. Take her and this time go to the right of the elevator.
You'll notice a walkway that's too high to jump up to, but you'll also notice
it has a hook. If you go right of this and fall off the walkway you'll land on
a platform below. Directly below that one is another platform where A ONE TON
WEIGHT lies. Pick it up and return the hooked platform. Stand directly below
the hook and use the weight to pull it down. Jump up to it and follow it.
Dozy's house is up here, the highest point in the village. Open it with the
door key but there's no need to enter it, just using the key and getting it out
of the way here. So now the only item that you should possess is Dora the frog.
Time for a leap of faith. Remember, Dizzy can't be hurt from falls. Run right
from Dozy's house and jump from the end of this platform, you'll fall down
through many screens but don't worry, eventually you land on a platform
supported by a single tree. On this is a tricky Sliding Puzzle, solve it for
an extra life. When you're done, fall left, off the platform and run left, past
the pit, past the ground elevator. Beyond all of those is a character beside
a ladder. This is a Prince, and what's in your possession? A frog. A little
Fairy Tale math later and you'll find that Prince + Frog = transformation.
Give Dora to the Prince and he kisses her, returning her back to her normal
self. After all that item collecting and traveling, you get A CROSSBOW WITH
LOTS OF BOLTS from him! This comes in handy much later in the game, so leave
it here but don't forget where it is.



Time to venture out of the village for the first time. You'll return shortly,
though. Run right, back past the pit and it's not before long you enter a new
area. The first thing you see is the entrance to the mines but you're not
entering those just yet. Instead, make your way over the entrance and run
right. I do mean run. Just along here is what I can only assume is lava or
rocks spewing out of the ground, and it's tricky to dodge. Just keep running
and don't worry about being hit, you'll gain but a sliver of damage and there
are plenty of fruits nearby to help. Just right of the spewing lava, on the
ground, is A RED AND WHITE MUSHROOM. Grab this and resume running. Watch out
for the ants too. After the bridge is a large mound, upon that is A MACHINE
WRENCH. Take this and now enter the mines back at the beginning of this area.
As soon as you drop down into the mine, go right and get THE KEY FOR GRAND
DIZZY'S ELEVATOR. Use the wrench on the machine just past the key, easily
noticeable with four numbers on it. Activating this will make all elevators
in the mine work but you'll encounter those a little later. For now, with the
key and mushroom, it's time to go back to the village.



By now the village layout should be somewhat familiar so I'll not bother with
directions unless the quest takes you to an unfamiliar part of it, of which
there is just one area now. Climb the treehouse as before, alternating between
going left and right as you jump from walkway to walkway. When you find
yourself back to where the green object lies, turn around and go left, jumping
up to the previously unexplored walkway just after the spider. Use the
elevator key at the end of this and now go and pick up A MAGICAL STAR PLANT
(the green object) as well as Grand Dizzy's door key which was dropped here
earlier. Back to the elevator now. Unlock Grand Dizzy's house with the key but
run right instead of entering it. There's AN EMPTY MEDICINE BOTTLE beyond the
house. Take this and now enter his house, with the magical plant and mushroom
also. An object can be spotted atop the set of shelves as you enter, but this
can be ignored completely. It's just a recipe that let's you know which
ingredients you need for this particular game puzzle. You should already have
all ingredients though. In the right half of the house is a cauldron, jump up
to this, stand infront of it and throw the mushroom, the magical plant and the
medicine bottle into it. Voila, a FULL BOTTLE OF MEDICINE appears from the
cauldron. Go over to Grand Dizzy in his bed and use it to cure him. After all
that work you are rewarded with A WARM GOLDEN DRAGON EGG! With the egg, go up
to Dylan's house and pick up the cow and rope. Now return to the Prince and
drop the golden egg beside the crossbow. Head left from here, picking up



Go down the slope and on your left you'll see a beast roaming this area. Drop
the chicken in its path and it'll leave, presumably happy with a meal. A
little after this, in your path, is A HEAVY BAG OF GOLD COINS. Prepare
yourself for the most difficult jump in the game thus far. A waterfall is up
ahead, but the gap is far too wide for Dizzy to just leap across. Instead,
stand right at the edge and watch for the barrels that float down the
waterfall. It'll appear, disappear, then reappear level with Dizzy, this is
the point at which you jump on it.. quickly. It won't stay around for long, so
make sure you jump from the barrel to the other side before it continues
falling and costs you a life. When safely across, a sliding puzzle can be
found on the ground. This is an easy one, solve it for an extra life then
carry on up the slope and into town with the gold, the cow and the rope.



The town can be maze-like at first, with it's different streets, tunnels
connecting them, exits and dead-ends. If not sure where you are, just enter a
tunnel and consult the handy, if basic, map at the top of the screen. The
first thing seen here is an umbrella on the ground, but there's no need to
collect it just yet, or at all really, so continue past it. Enter the first
tunnel and give the bag of gold to the guard, he'll then move away, allowing
you access to the rest of town. Don't try jumping over him, it's not possible
and the damage incurred isn't worth it. Beyond the tunnel is Bridge Street, go
left along the street until you get A VERY STRONG CROWBAR. Be careful of the
guillotines here, the best way to deal with them is to jump over the blade
after it falls into the wooden base. One hit from the blade can inflict much
more damage than simply touching a spider or an ant. From here, take the
tunnel to Dock Street, solve the sliding puzzle, take the second tunnel to
your left to Castle Street. Give the cow to the shopkeeper and he'll give you
A MAGIC GREEN BEAN. What ever could that be for? Drop this here and go all the
way back to the other section of Bridge Street. With the crowbar, run right
and enter the river.



The game presents a different mode of play here, a top down journey down the
river in a wooden barrel. Travel down the river, collecting stars while
avoiding the crocodiles, reversing direction and traveling upstream if needed,
until you reach the bottom at which point the barrel automatically moves to
the riverside. A very easy section but necessary...



Dizzy drops down onto one of the platforms beside the waterfall and here you
can pick up A BARREL OF PIRATE'S RUM. This is needed to unlock the next area
that needs exploring. Get it then drop down to your right, cross the waterfall
using the barrels again.



Back into town now, go past the first tunnel and enter the second. This one
brings you to Dock Street. The items you need for this section of the game are
the crowbar, the rope and the rum. From the tunnel exit go right, stop infront
of Blackheart the pirate (as with the troll, he can't be passed with a jump
and can damage Dizzy). Give him the rum and he'll run back to his ship with
it. Walk up the gangplank and onto the ship. This ship is dangerous if tackled
impatiently, so look before you leap and take you time. It's not a large area,
but it's full of dangers. Stay clear of the rats and move up to the deck, move
right until under the platform that sticks out from the second mast. Jump up
to this and then to the second platform. Use the rope to swing across, then
climb further platforms (Blackheart can be spotted hiding on the next mast
over, but more from him later) and swing across twice more to find
A PORTCULLIS WINCH WHEEL. Drop down, walk back down the gangplank and drop the
winch wheel and rope off in Dock Street. Back on the ship, stay on the
mid-level and go right, use the small platforms to avoid the rats and drop
down when they pass. Next stop for Dizzy is the ship's hold. Directly
underfoot once you drop down is a hatch, open it with the crowbar to find
ZAKS' PORTCULLIS WINCH HANDLE. Hold onto this for now. Jump back up, and onto
the blue box. Make your way right, dropping down a couple of times. Look for
the next gap in the floor and go down. On your right are SOME STICKS OF
DYNAMITE. Get these, watching out for the harmful drips from the ceiling, and
return to the above screen. When out of this section, move left and drop down
the next gap. Go left, up, then right to loop around and end up back at the
open hatch. Leave the hold and once on the shipdeck, go back to Dock Street
and drop off the winch handle with the wheel and rope. All that you need to
take from here is the dynamite. Return to the treehouse village and pick up
the Golden Egg and go to the mines.



One thing found only in the mines, is the diamond. These are very handy as
they heal you from a little damage and give you points in addition. When you
are back in the mine, go left and use the elevator, now go right and fall down
to the next sub-level of the mine. Continue right for another elevator, turn
and go left at the bottom. Another object can be found down here,
A BRIDGEBUILDER'S SHARP AXE. Get it and drop once more to a lower level of the
mine. Run across the bridges and avoid the spewing lava as best as you can,
remembering to collect any diamonds you find to deal with any damage. Two
elevators and a couple of spiders later, you're at a cave in. The dynamite
comes in useful here, just place it at the left-most end of the fuse, where
the rocks are, and press 1 to push down the plunger. Now you're able to
continue. Head upwards after this. Where did the egg come from? Well that big,
green, fire-breathing dragon there. As long as you have the Golden Egg with
you, she won't breathe the harmful fire for fear of damaging it. Drop that
egg beside the one already below her and pick up A SOLID GOLD IRISH SHAMROCK.
With both of her eggs back where they belong, she rests and Dizzy can walk
out without being toasted. It's a long journey back to the surface so get
moving. Back above ground drop the axe anywhere in this countryside and
re-enter the mines. Take the first elevator down, then drop down the nearby
gap and go left. Minecart time!



This is a very annoying section, very long and with plenty of instant deaths
waiting. The view switches to overheard as you travel down the tracks, avoid
the crocodiles in carts (Kremlings, anyone?) coming towards you and the
barriers. There are four exits from the tracks, but the one to aim for right
now is at the end. The first half is easy, just slow down when needed and
dodge the other carts while looking out for stars. But in the second half the
cart speeds up and quick reactions are needed. The directions to the end are
as follows:

Right -> right - right - left - straight - right - right - straight - right ->

right - straight - left - straight - right - straight - right - straight ->

left - right - straight - straight - straight - right - left - right - left ->

straight - left - left - left - right - right - straight - right - left -> Exit



The minecart exits in Keldor. Make sure you pick up A GRAVEDIGGER'S MUDDY
SPADE before falling off the ledge. Go to the shopkeeper and pick up the magic
bean, then go back to the steps above where you found the spade and run up



Another area full of dangers. Spiders, rats, bats - good thing there's fruit
aplenty here. A few things to note while passing through this spooky place are
the key on the high platform, a mound of dirt beside a partially dug hole and
a gap between two platforms with posts on either side. All puzzles to be dealt
with later in the game. Drop the spade beside the mound of dirt. Now, keep
moving left while avoiding anything harmful. The area after the graveyard is
the grasslands. That sliding puzzle is also unreachable from here, as with the
spade it's placed at an exit from the minecart section. So keep going left
until you encounter a leprechaun. Give him the shamrock to get past. Before you
move though, notice the wooden sign pointed at the ground. Drop the magic bean
onto the mound of dirt beside the sign to grow a beanstalk. Don't go up it just
yet, though. The next item is located along to the left, A DRY MATCH. The rest
of the way is blocked by a broken bridge over water that's fatal to Dizzy. So
pick up the match and take him all the way back to the treehouse village.



If you remember, Denzil has been frozen and straw was placed beneath him. Now
all that's needed it to set the straw on fire with the match, melting the
block of ice that traps Denzil. For your trouble he will give you A PAIR OF
FLIPPERS FOR SWIMMING! These are invaluable for what's coming up next.



Take the flippers and get back on the pirate ship. This time, run past the
mast that was climbed earlier, and stand on the plank. Blackheart drops down
the from the mast where he was seen earlier and forces you at sword-point to
walk the plank. A short, but funny, scene later and Dizzy is at the bottom of
the sea. This section of the game can be frustrating but not too hard if you
have good reflexes. Use the ascending bubbles to hitch a ride back to the
surface, watch for fast rising bubbles and aim for any nearby ones if the one
you were standing on bursts. Bubbles of all sizes travel at all speeds, just
stay alert and you'll be back on land in no time.



After a lot of backtracking and quickly running through areas, a fairly
sizeable section of the game rears up. Not nearly as large as the opening
treehouse village segment, but a welcome the change of pace. You land on a
desert island in the middle of the sea, the pirate ship in the background
(just for show, you can't get back to it from the island) and to your left
AN AQUA LUNG FOR UNDER WATER. This, paired with the flippers will let you
explore underwater at your leisure. So get this new item and jump into the
sea left of the island. Swim to shore and walk a little bit until you find
A HEAVY RUSTPROOF PICKAXE. The rustproof description is enough to make it
obvious that its purpose is underwater. Turn back and drop into the sea,
swimming below the surface to the next screen down. Explore the sea thoroughly
and especially under the islands. Soon you'll see a shipwreck on the seabed.
Immediately right of this is a bubble trapped beneath some rocks. Use the
pickaxe here to free it. Without the flippers the bubble helps you reach the
rock formation which leads back to the surface, but also reveals a hidden cave
where the bubble originated from. On no occasion ever enter this cave without
the flippers, it's impossible to leave without them and the game is
essentially over if you do. Even dying has you restart within this cave. So,
with flippers firmly equipped, drop down into the cave. Quickly explore the
small cave and grab A LARGE GOLD COIN if you wish. Swim directly up and land on
the shore a short swim to the right. Drop the gold coin and return to the
sunken ship, get AN EMPTY TREASURE CHEST which rests on it and go back to
shore. Notice the new item here, it's A LARGE BAG OF SALT. This can be ignored
completely as it only allows access to an area which the treasure chest also
allows access to. Assuming you collected all of the stars in this area, the
underwater exploration is now over. You don't actually require the gold coin
either, it's for buying the magic bean with, but the cow is better used for
that. Walk over to the ledge on the far right, after the mine entrance, and
drop the empty treasure chest here to let Dizzy jump up and reach the
Grasslands. Get the stars and sliding puzzle here and now you won't need the
bag of salt at all. Go back to Carber Bay and swim across the bay, you have now
gone full circle and are back at the countryside.



Regain the axe from where you dropped it earlier, and take it to the bridge
between the mine and the shore. Stand in the centre of it and use the axe to
cut through. Be sure to grab the fruit under the bridge, it may be needed after
two runs through the lava. Explore this underwater cavern and pick up A PAIR OF
BRASS CYMBALS. To leave the cavern go to the far right and jump out of the
water and into the familiar mine. Leave the mine itself and go to the treehouse
village now.



One final task here remains. Making sure you have the cymbals then run, jump
and climb back to the very top of the village, where Dozy lives. Use them to
wake him up and receive A THICK PERSIAN RUG. Drop the cymbals here and pick up
the rug. Why they don't disappear after use like everything else, I don't know.
Quickly go and get the aqua lung back. With the rug, the aqua lung and the
flippers, go to the grasslands.



Go past the beanstalk to the broken bridge. This is where you would throw the
bag of salt into the water to raise the sponge. Nice to see a scientific puzzle
coming into play here. One warning though, if you choose to do this for
completion sake, jump onto the sponge from a little back from the edge of the
broken bridge. Dizzy rolls after landing, meaning that if you jump from the
edge then you'll roll into the water and lose a life. The right shore of Carber
bay is beyond here, but there's no reason to go there now. Right now, all there
is to do here is drop the rug at the base of the beanstalk to free up a space.
Go to the graveyard, to the mound of dirt, and pick up the spade. Use it to dig
in the small ditch beside the mount, but make sure you have the aqua lung with
you. Drop into the cavern, pick up then go left AN EMPTY OLD TIN BUCKET and
pick up A GYMNAST'S BOUNCY TRAMPET. Walk under any water here and press 1, this
will fill the bucket with water. Once you have this, drop the trampet directly
below the hole that you fell through and bounce back to the surface. You can
drop both the bucket and aqua lung once outside. There are only three areas
left to tackle from here on. Remember where you left the crossbow and the
portcullis winch wheel. One should be at the Prince, the other in Keldor. Go
get them.



Travel back to Dock Street and enter the tunnel between two lamp posts which
leads to Castle Street. Stand infront of the hole beside the portcullis and
use the winch wheel. The Troll's Castle is now accessible.



Another change to the regular mode of play now. Dizzy stands at the bottom of
the screen with the castle and moat ahead. Use button 1 to shoot the trolls as
they appear on the battlements and in windows, while using button 2 to duck
their shots and avoid damage. You win when the indicator at the bottom of the
screen reaches the right end. If you get hit, it moves left, too far left and
you lose. But with every troll you successfully hit, it moves right. So keep
firing and ducking to win.



Run as far left as you can go. Jump up onto the small platform, then from
there jump to the ledge on the left. Now jump to the platform on the right and
stand where the fruit is. Jump straight up from there to land on another small
platform. Make the jump left and get the object on the ledge. This is
A COMPLETE D.I.Y. ROPE BRIDGE KIT. Make your way to the graveyard once again.



On the platform left of the hole, right beside the wooden post, use the rope
bridge kit to build a bridge and cross the gap. Go across and get A KEY WITH
A SKULL MOTIF. At this point, have the skull key, the rope and the bucket of
water with you. Then travel over to the beanstalk.



Drop the bucket of water at the foot of the beanstalk and replace it with the
old rug. This next bit can be troublesome, but practice makes it easier. Jump
up the beanstalk. The clouds aren't solid, you need to keep moving to avoid
falling through them. It's tricky but entirely possible. At the top is Zaks'
castle. Drop any two items on this cloud; this one, unlike the rest, is solid.
Return to Keldor for the portcullis winch handle and the base of the beanstalk
for the bucket of water, and take them back to the solid cloud.



Use the portcullis winch handle to open the castle and take the bucket of
water, the rug and the rope inside. Go right until you reach the fireplace,
use the bucket of water here. Run up the stairs and look for the small ledge
against the wall. Jump onto it then from platform to platform for the final
set of out-of-the-way stars, then go back outside to get the skull key.
Re-enter the castle and walk right, use the skull key to activate the elevator
and use it to travel up. Jump onto the right chair then onto the platform
above. Cover the fatal spiked floor with the rug. Run right and use the rope to
swing across. Follow the series of small platforms upwards for a sliding
puzzle. Stand on the platform below where the spider drops to, and swing
across. With all 250 stars collected, you can get into Zaks' tower from here.
Without them a magical barrier is up.



This.is.hard! Not least because of Dizzy's control and movement. You're in a
tower, with Daisy being held at the top by Zaks. The only way to reach her is
to jump from platform to platform, making your way up to them. Only, Zaks
sends down strange bouncing balls (with what appear to be faces on them) which
can hurt Dizzy. Keep jumping and persevere, dodge the balls when possible
until you reach the top and stand on a platform with a mirror. Stand infront
of this and wait for Zaks to shoot some fireball thing (best I can explain it)
at you, just as it's about to hit, jump and it rebounds off the mirror,
hitting Zaks! Daisy is now all yours and the game is over. Well done!


There are 250 silver stars in the game, Dizzy must find them all to reach
Zaks at the end of the game and rescue Daisy.

Since almost all of the stars appear in places where you'd have to be blind to
miss them, I won't make a detailed location guide for them all. Instead, only
the few stars that you'll need to go out of your way during the main quest for
will be charted here.

1. Yolkfolk Treehouse Village:
 Total Stars in Area: 57
 - Right of Denzil's elevator
 - Immediate left of Meeting hall
 - Far left of Meeting hall
 - Above Grand Dizzy's elevator, far left of Dylan's house
 - Small platform far left of Dozy's house
 - Immediately right of Dozy's house
 - In the rafters of Dozy's house

2. Countryside:
 Total Stars in Area: 6
 - Under the bridge

3. Crystal Falls:
 Total Stars: 5

4. Village of Keldor:
 Total Stars in Area: 27
 - On Bridge Street, right of the two tunnel exits from Castle Street
 - Far left on Dock Street

5. Swift River:
 Total Stars in Area: 10

6. Pirate Ship:
 Total Stars in Area: 16
 - Jump up and right from the blue crate nearest the Portcullis winch
 - Same as above, but go further right and drop down

7. Diamond Mines:
 Total Stars in Area: 20
 - Far right of the middle elevator, near Minecart exit
 - Three in the cavern under the bridge, accessible from the countryside

8. Minecart:
 Total Stars in Area: 20

9. Graveyard:
 Total Stars in Area: 11

10. Grasslands:
 Total Stars in Area: 7

11. Bubble Trouble:
 Total Stars in Area: 10

12. Carber Bay:
 Total Stars in Area: 27
 - Two near the water's surface, left of where the bag of salt is
 - Five surrounding the large island, one on top and four in the water
 - Cave right of trapped bubble

13. Troll Castle:
 Total Stars in Area: 10
 - Go up the stairs near the entrance, jump up to land on a platform with
 a star
 - From the star described above, jump to the platforms on the left
 - On the platform right of the platform with the ant and fruit
 - Continue right from the above, and jump up to a platform to see the star

14. Beanstalk and Clouds:
 Total Stars in Area: 7

15. Zaks' Castle:
 Total Stars in Area: 16
 - From immediately left of the spiked floor, jump up and left
 - Stand right at the edge of the above platform and jump up to a smaller
 - From there, jump to the platform with the spider then to the one with
 the ant. Jump over to right from there
 - From the right edge of the platform with the ant, fall to the right and
 continue right
 - Below the magical barrier
 - Walk left from the above star
 - Several after the fireplace

* 8. Miscellaneous *


These are the items that can be collected in the game which directly
affect Dizzy. Most are fruit, which heals Dizzy of damage he's received, while
the diamond heals him a little but also gives points.

Melon slice


Touch Dizzy, Get Fuzzy

Contact with any of these things will harm Dizzy. The longer Dizzy is in
contact with them, the more damage that is received. 

Killer plant
Falling rocks
Drops of oil?
Long falls do not harm Dizzy, however they do daze him temporarily
Small fish
Large fish
Crocodiles in minecarts
Water if the Aqua Lung is not equipped


For completion sake, here are the text messages that appear onscreen
regarding certain events in the quest.

Denzil when frozen: Denzil wanted to be cool! So Zaks granted him his wish and
froze him in ice while he swam. Now he needs your help!

Denzil when thawed: The hot fire thaws the ice and Denzil is released from his
cool jail. He is very grateful and gives you his flippers.

Denzil when thawed: Denzil is no help to you now as he always walks straight
into trouble with no regard for his safety.

Dora as a frog: Oh no! Dora's been turned into a green frog by the evil wizard
Zaks. Can you help break his evil magic?

Dylan: Since Daisy's disappearance Dylan wants to look after Pogie, but he is
unable to catch him. Perhaps you could help?

Dylan with Pogie: Dylan thinks you are very clever using the cage to catch
Pogie. He gives you a small cow to take to market.

Dylan with Pogie: Dylan is busy looking after Pogie. He can't come with you
and does not have any useful items to help in your quest.

Clumsy Prince with Dora: The Prince kisses the frog and instantly Dora returns
to her former self. He is so pleased he gives you his crossbow.

Grand Dizzy when ill: Poor old Grand Dizzy! He's very ill and has run out of
medicine. He asks you to make him some more.

Grand Dizzy when cured: Grand Dizzy's eyes light up as he drinks the medicine.
He offers you the treasured Golden Egg he found in the diamond mine.

Grand Dizzy when cured: Grand Dizzy cannot help you anymore. He asks you not
to waste any time and hurry along to rescue Daisy.

Dozy while sleeping: Dozy can't talk to you right now. He is in a very deep
sleep. Maybe you should try to wake him up.

Dozy awake: 'yawn!!' says Dozy as the clash of cymbals wake him. Dozy offers
his old thick rug.

Dozy awake: Dozy has been about as much help as he possibly can. You are lucky
just finding him still awake!

250 Stars Message: Well done! You have collected all the stars and can now
enter Zaks' tower, where Daisy is being held. Go! Dizzy go!


Items appeared as transparent boxes with question marks on them. This happened
when I was on Dock Street with several items on the same screen. Three being
carried, three or four on the ground. One on the ground was a transparent box
with a question mark on it, while the rest appeared as normal. When one item
was picked up, another of the items on the ground turned into one of these
mysterious boxes. I moved two items to another area and returned, the box was
gone and the item was back. Just something the programmers added in to deal
with too many items onscreen at once? They reminded me of the item boxes from
Mario Kart 64, oh if only they contained the same things.


The game doesn't have Difficulty settings, so for anyone who's completed it and
wants further challenge from the game - try finishing it without using the
plank of wood. It's that simple.

* 9. Acknowledgments *

Thanks to Codemasters for such a great game that entertained me for longer
than most new games ever do.
Thanks to CJayC and GameFAQs for hosting this.
Thanks to the staff at gamestation for selling me this hard to come by game
for only £2. They've since realised how much they can make from retro games
and have jacked up prices, so no thanks to them too.
Thanks to psychofox at SMS for Quality Control (ie. reading the first draft of
this as a fan of the game and making sure I didn't mess up anything).

Finally, thanks to anyone who gave words of encouragement while I attempted
this, it helped. :)

* 10. Contact Information & Copyright Notice *

Questions, comments, feedback to: highland_snow @ hotmail.com (MSN and e-mail)

If you find any errors in here, contact me and I'll correct them and credit
you with it, unless it's just a typo.

This document is Copyright © 2005 by Kenneth McMillan (snowblind). 
This document is hosted only by www.gamefaqs.com and may not be reproduced
on any other site without permission from me. Egad.


© Retro-Bit.Ru
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